Friday, August 18, 2017

on growth

It's a constant lesson: Growth.

Accepting when time changes people, and when people effectively change your life in time.

Sitting in grueling silence -- aimless weekends and days that too quickly draw into night.

The weightiness of love, and it's inevitable affair with loss.

Miscommunication and unwarranted assumptions that cave in the world around.

Slow, hot afternoons in a city filled with people who can't stand to be alone -- yet there you are, and where is everyone else?


Sticking with it, and fighting for it, and learning to accept the mess it makes of things before setting you free.


The fine line of evolving without pulling the good roots from one's foundation.


And the rare, yet necessary, ability to act slowly on anger and jealousy and insecurity.

Growth is such a beautiful thing, though the timing of it feels so impossible and ugly and summed up into a singular whisper.