Tuesday, July 31, 2012

mr. emerson and his wise words.

From a Letter to His Daughter

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Finish everyday and be done with it.
You have done what you could.
Some blunders and absurdities
no doubt have crept in;
forget them as soon as you can.
Tomorrow is a new day;
begin it well and serenely
and with too high a spirit
to be cumbered with
your old nonsense.

This day is all that is good and fair,
It is too dear,
with its hopes and invitations,
to waste a moment on yesterdays.

Courtesy of She Walks in Beauty, selected poems by Caroline Kennedy.

i love this poem. my neighbor bought me a book of poetry and i love opening it up and discovering other poems within its pages.
have a lovely tuesday!

Monday, July 30, 2012

california academy of sciences.

for his birthday this past saturday, my unlce jeff wanted to
go to the california academy of sciences.
let me tell you, it was one of the best birthdays that i have
ever spent with someone.
it was such a neat place! and i loved spending time with my family.
the museum very much reminded me of the field museum that i went to a very long time ago.
anyways, i could spend days and days in museums of many sorts,
or aquariums, too.
so saturday was a whole lot of fun.

{mom & dad, i'll miss them}.


Friday, July 27, 2012


has come, and is going, so fast.
golly, where is the time?
i feel like i have run out of days for all of the things that i had intended to do.
now, i'm trying to fit things into my schedule and everything feels hectic.

sometimes i catch myself wondering whether or not i'm doing the right thing.
i'm one of those people that can, unfortunately, think up every possible
scenario of things going wrong.
and then i think about those of my friends that are staying here, or close to home.
and i get a bit jealous.

but my best friend is a constant reminder that, besides my family and a few close
friends, i no longer have a future here.
it kind of makes me feel as though this life of mine is kicking me out. rejecting me.
but that's just silly talk.
because there are these wonderful, magical moments that i sometimes have, where
i fathom all that i am on the brink of experiencing.
and for just that moment, i can vividly imagine the lives, the places, the moments, and the days
that are about to accept me as their own, and take me in, and let me claim as my own.
moments like these where i can fathom something that always seems unfathomable
are the moments that make all of my fear and anxiety seem petty.
it's amazing to me that there are things and people out there that i can't even
name, but one day will be able to call mine.

i cannot wait to look back on these past months and giggle to myself about
all of the things that seemed so daunting and impossible.
i cannot wait to look back and tell myself that i did it. i managed to grow up a bit. i had the strength to leave.
because as intimidating and overwhelming as these next few weeks and months appear,
at the end of the day i am only doing what i set out to do.
and that is something to thank god about.


{home is where the heart is, i suppose. & where anthropologie is, as well...}

Thursday, July 26, 2012

ten things that i loved today...

  1. the lovely fog that required of me to wear a sweater this morning.
  2. my nanny job. i truly love making the kiddos breakfast & beginning our day together.
  3. laughing at the silly, little things that people fuss over.
  4. cutting avocados. {weird, i know, but i never knew how!}
  5. maps. i really want to hang one on my wall and pin the places i hope to visit.
  6. diana cameras {i want one. sigh...}.
  7. kind words.
  8. wishful thinking.
  9. my best friend over here returned from ecuador yesterday, and i get to see her later!
  10. homemade food...always.

i wish i were here at the lake today...
{a tree house like this is the best place to write.}

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

thank you, pinterest, for adding to my obsession with weddings.

{courtesy of pinterest.}

i love love love weddings.
and i especially love looking through the wedding
section on my pinterest account.
although i don't frequently use my account,
when i do i just adore all of the pictures and wish that
i could post all of the ones that inspire me.
these few i loved most.
outdoor weddings are my favorite.
i will definitely be sharing more
that inspires me.

fell in love with this.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

you are...

the horizon to my sky.
you are the laces to my sneakers.
you are the gravy to my mashed potatoes.
you are the bubbles to my bath.
you are the icing to my cupcake.

i saw this saying earlier...


i woke up not feeling well at all.
so i cancelled all that i had today.
went to my dentist appointment and
eye appointment {boring.}
took a walk with my dad.
and then saw this.
my whole day was made.
it really, really was.

{four weeks TODAY until i leave for oregon....there is some serious excitement coming from this girl lately.}

Monday, July 23, 2012

bucket listin' it.

let's cross out...

find a secret spot.
bike ride.

...from the bucket list.
{i found my secret spot, i made a scrapbook for
fred and brenda, & i rode a bike once this summer,
and that counts for something for a girl that never rides bikes}

and let's remove...or postpone from the bucket list...

clear lake.
go fishing.
go on a hike.
finish the harry potter series.
make earl grey ice cream.

{clear lake is a no-go this summer with automatically
removes any sort of hiking or fishing activity...
the harry potter series just has to wait because i've
been so busy reading other books...*sigh*...and
i don't have the resources to just whip up yummy
ice cream...well, i'm not a cook or a baker!
anyways, these are only being crossed off of
my summer bucket list, and will be recorded
onto my over all bucket list.}



life has treated me well.
things have been simple.
and that is just the way i prefer it.

p.s. sorry i'm not sorry for all of the baby pictures.
{an alice clock that i absolutely fell in love with.}

Saturday, July 21, 2012


In exactly one month from today I will begin my college journey.
I will say my good-bye-for-nows, pack up my car, and drive away.

I'm excited.
I really, truly am.
Yesterday and today, however, I've been a bit nervous & a bit sad.
I'm leaving a lot behind here and I've given up somethings and some individuals in order to get where I'm at today.

I'm not proud of some things.
But what makes me feel so secure in what is unfolding
is the fact that I know that God is on my side.

He always has been, and always will be.

Now, in this last month, I'm going to live up the simple things.
Enjoy my loved ones.
Blog ;)
And remember all of the lessons that I'm taking into my next chapter of life.

I cant believe that it's been all of this time,
and now, here I am.

I guess life is funny that way.
And I kind of like it.
Sometimes, anyways.


Thursday, July 19, 2012


today i didn't want to get out of bed.
i don't want to see anyone.
i don't want to fill out these college papers that
are due today.
i don't want to make any of the phone calls that
i have to make.

i just want to sleep, alllllll day.
but that is impossible, especially since
i work from one-eleven today.

so while i am doing all of the things i don't
want to do, i am going to make a ten-things-thursday list as usual.
because lists make me happy.
and then maybe i'll make myself a tea,
because that makes me happy also.
goodness, i really don't appreciate when
mornings like this make the whole day feel unwelcoming.

today, i love...

table settings.
colorful dishes.
chilly mornings.
sweet nightmares.
checks off my to-do list.
cheesy crepes. strawberry crepes. nutella/banana crepes. creme crepes. raspberry crepes...
{yes, in two days i have tried all of these...oops}
telling jokes to the kids i nanny...they laugh even when it's not funny because they love me;)
the fact that my college orientation begins in exactly five weeks from today {yay!}
browsing target when i'm bored.

what are ten things that you love?


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

i believe

that sunflowers should always be on the table.
mom never uses sunflowers,
but she chose some over the weekend and i am
soooooo happy that she did.
they're beautiful.

AND i made crepes from scratch for the first time
i am not one who likes to cook,
or one who is even good at cooking.
but i know how to make a great breakfast,
so i'm just adding crepes to that little
list of things i can cook;)
they were yummy,
and mom and i enjoyed eating them by our sunflowers
with the chilly, overcast weather right outside.
i swear, i would love to end up
living either in san francisco, portland, or seattle
in the next four or five years just so i can
have chilly summers.
mom would love it if i ended up in san francisco
{she wants me close to home!}
but i would truly love seattle,
and portland would be nice, too.

have a lovely middle of your week!

Monday, July 16, 2012

i did absolutely nothing today...

{hence the double post}
...and loved absolutely every minute of it.

i got out only once and that was to walk eddie.
i watched true grit for the first time.
colored pages in my coloring book.
stayed in pajamas until six.
and now i am headed back to bed.

i never allow myself to be lazy.
like ever.
the thought of being home alllll day makes me sooo anxious.
so today was a big deal for me.

and doing nothing, especially with mom and ed, made me so very happy.

happy monday.

mom and i planned on going to the beach today...
...probably not going to happen.
we are both so lazy, it's ridiculous.
we're both still in our pajamas.
she's on the phone talking with her best friend
and i'm online shopping.
well, i'm fantasizing about all of the beautiful
clothes that would go so well in my closet,
all of the books that would be great details
to my book shelves,
and the camera that would look so great in
my hand!
a girl can dream:)
...even if her bank account cannot provide...

right now i'd love some of these...
....this lovely dress...
...i need this...
...one of these would be wonderful...
...i really need a new read & this seems good, as does this...
...and i have been searching allllll summer for a perfect one of these...
...and mom and i agreed that i definitely need this, especially in oregon...

i'll keep on dreaming.
have a lovely monday!
i know i am, thanks to this overcast weather {my favorite}...
and this song...


Sunday, July 15, 2012

sunday letter.

dear brother,
this is my all time favorite picture of you.
& one of my favorite pictures of all time.

dear eddie,
i'm sorry for not feeding you until late tonight.
and i am sorry for all of the ants in your bowl! {yuck!!!}

dear bed,
you sound so lovely.

dear wisdom teeth,
why, why now?!
what did i ever do to you?
golly, you have picked such a wrong time to be pulled, you know?

dear the next two days off,
i. love. you.

dear sunflowers,
you were such a lovely surprise on the table.
i was so thrilled that mom picked you out.

dear allllll of the books that i am behind on,
you. me. beach. tomorrow.

dear target,
sadly, you will be replaced as of next month by fred meyer.

dear emily on the bachelor,
okay so i love how handsome arie is.
but i love what jef wears.
and i love how arie loves you.
but i love jef's personality.
how are you going to make a decision next week?!

dear paris,
i haven't forgotten about you. promise

dear george fox sweatshirt,
i feel so special wearing you, it's almost as good as
wearing a cute boy's sweatshirt. ;)

dear julia,
i love ya!

goooooooood night.
{or, sweet nightmares, as i like to say}
my sleepy level is at an all time high right now.
oh, and we had some fun friends over for dinner tonight.
i just love having fun friends over for dinner.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

"hey, i love fred."

my uncle fred died when i was not even one year old.
he was the baby of nine & one of my dad's siblings.
today, he would have turned fifty years old.
without knowing the significance of today, my
sister, bridgette, planned the baby shower of my other sister, brenda, on this date.

my sister, brenda, and her huband, mitch, have decided to name their
almost-here little boy, frederick james.
fred is in honor of my uncle fred,
while james is in honor of mitch's dad
who passed away a couple of years ago.
i love this baby's name.
it's both so meaningful and so strong.
and the name and the date of the shower
coincidence was no mistake,
it was meant to be.
i just know it!

as a gift, i made him a blanket,
and my mom and i made brenda a scrapbook to keep
some of his pictures in.
while making both of them i wondered about
what he will look like,
{he is going to be downright adorable, i can tell you that}
what his personality will be like,
and just how exciting the thought is of coming home
to a new nephew for the holidays.

i already love this little one more than i can say
and i am beyond excited to meet him!
my sister and her husband are going to make
such wonderful, fun, and loving parents.
i am so happy for them!
sooooooooo happy.

my sister bridgette and her mom planned one of the most beautiful
showers ever {and i'm not being biased because i'm a sister}.
everything was so detailed, yet so simple.
and almost everything was homemade.
and brenda received such meaningful gifts,
especially since the invitation asked for homemade presents.
it was adorable.
& the main colors were grey & yellow!
{it was literally my dream shower...though i'm willing to wait quite some time for that day to arrive}
and i loved today so.

{hey, i love fred.}

happy 50th, uncle fred.
& baby fred, we are anxiously and joyously awaiting your arrival.


Friday, July 13, 2012


photos that have piled up on my phone in the past few days.



happy friday!