Thursday, July 26, 2012

ten things that i loved today...

  1. the lovely fog that required of me to wear a sweater this morning.
  2. my nanny job. i truly love making the kiddos breakfast & beginning our day together.
  3. laughing at the silly, little things that people fuss over.
  4. cutting avocados. {weird, i know, but i never knew how!}
  5. maps. i really want to hang one on my wall and pin the places i hope to visit.
  6. diana cameras {i want one. sigh...}.
  7. kind words.
  8. wishful thinking.
  9. my best friend over here returned from ecuador yesterday, and i get to see her later!
  10. homemade food...always.

i wish i were here at the lake today...
{a tree house like this is the best place to write.}

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