Friday, August 31, 2012


i watch as a couple of the girls get to return home for the weekend.
or as various family members or friends pop their heads into the dorm to say hello,
and i get so jealous.

sometimes i sit in my room and wish that it was my mom or julia walking through
the door at the end of the hallway, because that would probably be the best thing ever...really.

it's been one whole week since i got to hug my mom and, though i'm not much of a hugger,
i dearly miss her hugs.

they really are my favorite.
julia's too!

p.s. i love you blogger!
no offense, but i have a writing class
that requires of me to blog on 
and i am super unimpressed with how difficult it has been for me 
to set up my blog, let alone how it wont allow me to see my dashboard.
you're a wonderful home, blogger, you're a wonderful home.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

"let him bless your socks off!"

i opened up facebook this morning to a lovely message
from a lovely friend from back home.
she has always given me encouraging words when i need them most,
so weird and cool! how that always happens.
she's one of those rare people that is there in your life and loves to cheer you on,
so blessed i have her!

anyways, thursdays are now my most favorite days of the week.
all because i have writing class in the morning and literature class in the afternoon.
how awesome is that?!
i am soooooo excited.
and since today was my first writing class, 
i learned all about what it will consist of.
it's called a hybrid class.
soooooo perfect.
i love it.
and i havent even started blogging.
as this week goes on, i am really beginning to love this new education of mine.

thanks, mom and dad!

p.s. i want to be her today.
just because.
pictures like this look magical and freeing.
and it looks like her socks have just been blessed off.
and it reminds me of something julia and i would do.
because we're silly.
i found this pretty little image along with some others at this inspiring little blog!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

one-hundreth post!

i can't believe i have been blogging for three months now.
it feels as though i began my journey on here such a long, long time ago.
but it has hardly been any time at all.

today also marks my eighth day living in oregon.
and tomorrow marks one whole week that i have been living in my dorm.
anyhoo, this week has been one of the longest, craziest, saddest, and rewarding weeks
of my life. ever.

honestly, part of me is still hesitant about the fact that i live here.
but the thing is that i do indeed live here, and i will for quite some time.
and i have not one legitimate reason to dislike living here.
it's a blessing to come to a university to study.
and i do feel so grateful.

now, i promised i'd talk about this week so, here it goes...

i arrived in oregon last tuesday and felt very hopeful about what my new life had in store for me.
andddd, then wednesday rolled around, and i was terrified.
i saw my imaginary door leading back to california from oregon and wanted to run!
it was a near emotional break down in forever 21.
but i sucked it up and moved myself into my new home the following day.
that all went smoothly, and by friday i was saying a very bitter-sweet goodbye to my parents.
{i miss them!}
the school, however, has a talent for keeping students occupied to no end so that
we begin college on a wonderful note.
my welcome weekend at fox consisted of a mystery bus that dropped us off
in portland for a bit and then took us to a faire-like place where we could have the rides
all to ourselves for part of the night.
we had orientation activities.
we attended church in groups.
and we had a hoedown.

can you spell exhaustion?
after this weekend, i couldn't.
however, i wouldn't have done this weekend in any other way.
and i would do it all over again.
i love how i will be able to forever say, i moved away for school...i did it.
because i really didn't think i'd pull myself together and find the strength to do it.
or to stay for this long.

i did, though. totally, totally proved people wrong.
and i am so happy that i did.
i kicked some serious butt these past few months.

i know that so many adventures await me this school year,
and i cannot wait to tell all of you guys about them.
i miss all of the people that used to fill my days,
but the girls that i am meeting here are turning out to be the kind of 
people i never thought that i could have as friends.

as i become more familiar with them and with school i promise there
will be pictures and names and stories!

happy mid-week, xoxo.

p.s. this is still what i consider to be the tune to my life song.
and one of my all time favorite movies.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

i am in love.

in love, in love, in L O V E 
with my literature class.
it was love at first sight.
from the moment i read the syllabus.
from the moment i saw the works that these next
fifteen weeks would be consisting of.
from the moment i heard of all of the reading and writing and ideas
that would fill my homework time.
that's when i knew that i could survive this semester.

okay, SO CHEESY, i know.
but you guys seriously have not the slightest clue
about how happy literature, reading, and writing make me.
they are the only things that i am confidently great at...
school-wise, hobby-wise...
i am proudly a literature nerd.
and i dont care who knows it.

what i am really rather ashamed about, though is the fact
that i haven't taken any pictures of anything.
i suppose it's simply because i have yet 
to want to become the room mate that drives everyone crazy with the camera.
but i figure that by the time i really know these girls,
they will see just how much i love me a ton of pictures.

for now, my posts just dont feel the same without pictures.
they feel empty!
but i am figuring some new material out, so just you wait and see!

for now i leave you with this. because i love them. and this album. and this song.

let's eat cake and shop.

this morning i woke up wanting cake.
like, really, really bad.
i havent had cake in quite some time, i realized!

so i spent some time {avoiding my western civilization homework...oops.}
this morning looking at cakes. 
over at this blog, are sunday "cake" posts...and let me say,
each cake looks yummy and so very pretty.
and then i came across THIS, which happened to make
my craving that much worse!
it's funny how within the first week of not having access to a kitchen,
i actually have a desire to bake...and cook...
i suppose you don't know what you have until it's gone, right?
that applies to kitchens as well:)

oh, and a girl that lives on my floor said that if you take a cake mix
from the box and mix it with, i want to say diet coke, and then cook it,
that something delicious is made.
definitely trying this when i get back to california.

anyhoo, i have a literature class to prepare for.
i am SO very excited for this have no idea.
and then i have more homework.
yesterday, i hated being a student.
but today, today i am trying to love it.
i really am.

happy tuesday!

oh, and p.s. i am addicted to this little place!
i cant help it! i love love love stripes to no end.
i have yet to break in the debit card with online shopping.
and i really hope to not start such a horrible habit any time soon.



these two pictures made me smile today.
i love them.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

happy sunday.

i miss you, mom, dad, ethan, julia!!!
church this morning just wont be the same
without malcolm speaking!

next post will be a full college report, i promise!

oh, and for all of my readers who loooooooove fashion as much as i do,
check out this september's issue of vogue. it is AMAZING.
i'm a sucker for all things fashion, and when september rolls
around and anna wintour and all of the members/editors of vogue put that issue
on newsstands, well then you know the fashion trends are being set!
the magazine is quite large {yay!}
and if you cannot get to a newsstand to purchase one,
you can get a taste of all of the beautiful looks and wonderful trends


Saturday, August 25, 2012

it's been awhile. and awhile has gotten me HERE.

dear blogger,

as much as i miss home, you are like a second home to me.
i love you., i no longer live in cool is that?
actually, it's pretty weird.
these past couple of days have been so insane, emotional, wonderful, scary...
but it's all worth it.
i LOVE the girls on my roommate especially.
i don't know everyone quite yet, but i am so looking forward to my friendships here.

homesickness hasn't quite hit.
i think it's because the school keeps us so busy.
i have hardly anytime to go into detail at the moment,
and i have taken pretty much NO pictures...which is weird for me, right?
but, once i get a free moment i will spill all of the details of my first couple days as
a college student.

my fingers are still crossed for the best!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

where did summer go?

summer went faster, and was crazier, than i ever imagined it would have been.
i wasn't able to cross off everything on my summer bucket list, but that's alright with me,
i'm just going to add those on over to my main bucket list.

anyways, here's the last of what i can cross off...

take many pictures.
spend a few days in modesto.
learn a new language.
fall in love, if necessary.
read as many books as i can.
antique shop.
spend a whole day at the beach.
aimlessly drive.
take a vacation.
play catch.
cry with someone, for that someone.
fill a journal.

as you saw on here, i took so many pictures this summer...i will definitely be one of those annoying, picture taking moms!

i spent a few days in modesto last week...boy, am i glad i did. i miss my sister often, and the kiddos are growing up so fast.

so, i didn't learn an actual language...but i did learn the importance of kind words. i learned the language of patience and of understanding {thanks to the kiddos i nannied for}. and i learned the language of knowing-when-to-bite-my-tongue. so cheesy, i know, but i needed those lessons.

i fell in love with a little nephew, fred. it was totally necessary. he. is. so. handsome.

i read as much as i could this summer, though not as much as i had planned...

i love a summer sunday in an antique shop. and i even got to take ian and emma to one!

mom and i  spent all of last friday at the beach. it was lovely.

i found myself aimlessly driving throughout this summer. sometimes the car is a good way to sort out your thoughts, or just run away for awhile.

i never went away for vacation. but my last week here, i took work was a time i used to prepare for college and just glad i did that.

i played catch with charles and lucas once this summer...quite hysterical, those two are. and ian and i played soccer at the park on several occasions.

julia and i cried lots this summer. for each other...for other things too. she's like my crying buddy. i won't just cry in front of anyone.

as always, my journals are constantly collecting words...i think that a journal is good for a healthy life.

i'm off to explore my new home today!
i'm a bit nervous, honestly.
part of me is saying, "ruuuuun!"
and then part of me knows that this is meant to be.

fingers crossed!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

i'm free.

and, just like that, i'm gone.

see you in oregon...

my best friend once told me about this song on a reallllly bad day. anyways, every time i hear it i am reminded of what a good day sounds like, and, well...
today is a good day.

Monday, August 20, 2012

here we go...

it's here. my last night in gilroy.
i have been dreaming of what tomorrow would look like for so long.
now that it's here, it's seemingly not as great as i had once anticipated.
however, when i look back on this, i know that i will look back with
such awe and fondness, because this is right.

i'm still fighting much regret.
but, i must have faith that this college journey
is right for me. i can no longer let things hinder me.
it's time to grow up, live a little, and take on as many adventures as possible!

i'm excited to see where i end up!
i'm excited to share my stories here.
today was crazy busy with all of my goodbyes and all.
but then i had to say one of my most difficult goodbyes,
and that was with my best friend, julia.
she is one of the main reasons i got through this year.
i owe her everything!
and hopefully she transfers to fox next year.

how cool would that be?!
gives me smiles just thinking about it.

Friday, August 17, 2012

this is my best friend. this is our last friday together. this is what experimenting with my web cam looks like.

obviously we looooove taking silly pictures.
but we don't care.
and see that empty closet?
yup, two HUGE suitcases of my clothes are coming with me to college.
no one judge me on move in day. please.
a girl's gotta wear what a girl's gotta wear...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

yes, i went there. i went google crazy.

or yellow crazy...

i'm soaking up my last lazy mornings at home.
you know, those mornings when you have the television and the couch, and the house all to yourself?
since it's one of those mornings, i decided that sex & the city, writing, and lovely pictures it is.
so i have this.
and then more pictures to take with lovebomb.
and then more packing,
probably more school shopping,
and then another day has passed.
i seriously cannot believe that i move in less than one week!
it couldn't have come at a better time.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

today felt like monday and now life is REALLY thrown off.

plus, i slept about four hours.
that's right, i didn't fall asleep until nearly 3 am.
it was one of the worst nights ever.
you couldn't repay me to do last night over. seriously.

but! as of this time next tuesday, i will no longer live in
my hometown, let alone california.
i'm not coming back to live, promise. really. seriously.
i'm not trying to be negative about the place i grew up because
i have wonderful memories and wonderful people who make up this home of mine.
i just want to make new memories and meet new people somewhere else.
but for now, these pictures remind me of those people and those memories...

what my phone's been collecting for quite some time...

 {here's baby fred}

Monday, August 13, 2012

when does my debit card arrive in the mail??!!

no, really.
because i have a new found love for this little thing called ruche.
{you can find this lovely/addicting little place here}

new sunglasses like these would look lovely with a sunglasses case such as this...

and since i've been in the headband-making mood {which i will post about soon!},
i was really inspired by this, as well as this...
these would work great in oregon! despite the cold, i am determined to 
stay true to my high school best-dressed-ness.
and i must not forget about yellow things,
and these three lovely, yellow, pieces are perfect reminders!

golly, i love being a girl.
{hate being a broke college student.}

and speaking of college...
i leave in exactly one whole week.
do you know how freeing that feels?
i am so so so excited.
i think that this might be the best thing that's ever happened to me, 
thus far.
i've had this dream since i was young, and now
that it's actually happening, i feel like the
luckiest girl in the world.
it's almost as though i feel more confident, and sure of myself now,
than i ever have before.
i'm ready for new friends, a new home, new places,
new memories, challenging classes, rainy days,
a diploma!
and all of the beautiful things that will follow.

i think it's necessary to thank all of the amazing people, that i have been blessed with having
in my life, for their encouragement, love, and prayers.

mom & dad.
bridgette, brenda, & ethan.
mitch & greg.
nana & papa.
grandma natalie.
miss julia & miss angiolina.
pastor & aunty kathy.
uncle jeff & courtney.
aunt d & uncle troy.
ashley, charles, lucas, paulina, alyssa.
michelle l. & anna s.

there's also a few teachers, church leaders, parents of friends, and other
 little friends along the way, that have provided love and encouragement.
all of the above individuals got me here, to this chapter of my life.
and for that, i feel forever blessed.

so now, i'll take this week as slow, or as quickly, as i please. because
one week from now all of my goodbyes will have been said,
and i will start a new journey.
oh, and ruche will be there along the way...inspiring me to dress fashionably, of course;)


Sunday, August 12, 2012

the best part of my whole summer happened within today.

so remember when i said on my bucket list, fall in love, if necessary...?
no? yes?
well, i did. here...

today, that happened.
today, i fell in love with a boy.
and he isn't just any boy.
he's very special and very handsome and meeting him was such an amazing

today, my nephew, frederick james entered the world.
he came just shy of a week early,
grown, healthy, and handsome.
words cannot sum up just how amazing it was to see him and to hold him
for the first time.
as exhausted as the whole family was,
{not to mention the two new parents!}
i would do today all over again just to see him and have
that experience once more.

baby fred, i already love you so much more than i can ever say.
today was a blessing,
and now being able to watch you grow and to love you will be such an honor.
you were born to two amazing parents,
and you have a huge family that is beyond smitten.

welcome to the world, fred.

happy birthday.


{i'll post some pictures in the future, but for now he's so new and i'd like to give fred and his parents some privacy, it's their baby and there are lots of you readers!}

Friday, August 10, 2012

i'd just like to say {& quite a few other things, too...}

i'd just like to say that i currently finished a plate of chocolate chip
pancakes before even beginning this post. {eating my feelings much?}

i'd just like to say that the reason i'm eating my feelings is because
before i made the pancakes i found my old phone, with old photos,
videos, text messages, and the like...i found my "break up" letter...
though it really isn't a break up letter...i found old notes, and pictures.
and letters.
just the thing a happy girl wants to come upon while looking about her closet.

i'd just like to say that at exactly this time {1 o'clock pm} two weeks from
now, i will have to say my goodbye's to my mom and dad...anddd here comes the
awful stomachache of emotion.

i'd just like to say that i feel soooo many emotions about leaving that i actually
feel exhausted. really.

i'd just like to say that typically i am really happy-go-lucky, but currently, i am
having a major human moment...and am probably on the brink of another melt down.

i'd just like to say that saying my goodbyes to zoe, caitlin, ian, and emma were such
sad moments. i love my kiddos sooo much, yes, i know i've said that many times.

and, i'd just like to say that despite all of this sad/nervous emotion...

and that makes me very happy, at least.

and this song, this song is definitely on repeat. loveeee mat kearney.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

ten things thursday.

ten things that i loved today...

that i got my stitches out! yay for no more wisdom teeth!

that orientation starts TWO weeks from today! soooo exciting/scary!

this and this are on their way in the mail!

the dress i'm wearing today. it's one of those dresses that makes
you feel so girly and easy going.

waking up early, just so that i feel ahead of my whole day.

the way my high school is turning out. such a beautiful campus.

lady gaga. yup, i said it.

the fact that my dog puts up with me and all of my whining
about him being in the way and not obeying, blah blah blah.
i swear he probably thinks that i'm the annoying one.

that pretty much everyone i made eye contact with while
on my walk today smiled. there's something about a stranger
giving you a nice smile that shows such kindness.

the prospect of packing up my stuff. yep, i'm weird. i love to pack.

well, i'm off to my last day of nannying!
*sad sad sigh*

i had the best summer job. ever.
and i'm not just saying that to sound nice.
sure, there were days where i was tired or the kids were tired,
or when they were grouchy and i had to repeat, "be nice to your brother...
be nice to your sister...don't say that...don't touch that...say please....say thank you..."

in the end, it was all worth it. because all four of the kiddos are the coolest.
and i love them.
and remember how i told the girls about the story of the little prince?
well i bought it and will be giving it to them today.
i think that they'll love it.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

so i'm kind of, sort of, not really...

the "domesticated" type.
i know, i know, why should i be when i'm only eighteen?

but here's the thing, i had a little encounter earlier this week with a girl
who is clearly destined to be a piece domesticated perfection.
me, not so much.
and i don't know if it was simply my being defensive or something, but i felt as though
she was very aware of my lack of talent in whole future wife/mother/homemaker persona..okay, so she probably wasn't...
but nonetheless, i felt as though my choosing an education over being
a mom or a wife or whatever was something that wasn't good enough.
i mean, it's not like i don't want to be a wife and mother, and good ones at that,
it's just that i want to have a strong career. 
i want to make a name for myself, 
work my way to the top of something,
tell people what to do
{kindly, of course}.

so lately, i've been thinking about 'roles.'
the roles women play and how they come about those roles.
did she intend on becoming a mother, and settling down to raise a family?
did she always want to be in the corporate world?
what inspired her to live there? do that? become who she is?
how on earth do women get to where they are these days?
me and my mom were having this conversation a couple of weeks ago, 
and she was saying how she's always known that i was to move away,
get an education, and work really hard at a career i loved.
her story, however, is quite different.
she chose to stay in the same town, settle down, have children,
and be a homemaker.
now, i think that mothers have the most difficult and most rewarding job on the planet,
and my mom is quite the woman raising my brother and i,
and i am so very blessed to have had a mom who was always accessible and supportive.
but i have never imagined myself having the strength to have her role.
of course, again, i'd love to be a mom some day.
i hope to have lots of children.
but there's something else i desire too,
and that is to have a career i am passionate about.
getting there is what baffles me.
i have seen so many people take paths that go nowhere, or go places they never would have imagined.
and i have always been taught that we make our own choices and that those choices open and close doors.
i just can't fathom how one really, truly gets to where they're going.
i feel like people are always complaining about not being who they want to be or doing what they want to do, and that girl i was talking about made me feel as though my life was only going to be school and debt and that's all.
sure, life is what you make of it, but what happens when life happens?

i am asking too many questions and am going around in circles.
i suppose all i was trying to say is, i really hope i can accomplish the purpose that god has given me to complete, and still be able to be a wife and mother.
i tell you, i have had one too many people make me feel like
 a bad mother {literally}, and i'm nowhere near having children.

these next four years just feel so delicate and crucial.
so much can happen and so much is at stake.
and here's where that little voice comes in and says,
have a little faith.

trust me, in my eyes, a talented woman/wife/mother/homemaker is a role that i will need alllll of the faith and prayer in.
and some laundry, cooking, baking lessons, too.

ohh, the joys of being a girl ;)


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

time to mark up the bucket list!

let's cross off...

1. aquarium adventure.
2. go to the garlic festival
3. have a picnic

{i went to an aquarium/museum for my uncle's birthday...though i didn't eat clam chowder afterwards}
{i went to the garlic festival with my friends....and saw one too many people from town, obviously}
{packed a lunch and had a picnic at the park with the kiddos}

i move in EXACTLY two weeks...WHAT?

and look at my new bed buddy that is on his way in the mail as i write:


i am sooooo excited to take him along with me.

you can find your own diego here...


Monday, August 6, 2012


i am finally doing something that i've always wanted to do...
{thought it's super lame, i really don't mind.}


today is a wonderful, wonderful day.
so wonderful that it required two posts.
but it's my blog, so i can blog twice in one day if i want to!;)

now, only if it was raining.
then today would be ten times more wonderful.
nonetheless, i've decided to love today.
as ordinary as most of it has been.

i think that that should be a rule:
to love everyday. no matter how good or how bad.

and i also think that everyone should love barnes & noble. 
well, actually, not everyone. but most.
i love that this is the place that i fell in love for the first time.
i really, really do.
and someday, i'll probably have children that think that i have
a really lame first love story.
but i don't care.
and perhaps, if i'm lucky, i will fall in love in a book store again.

book stores are magical, you know.
i'm certainly no dating expert, but there's
something about simply sitting in a quite place,
amongst the best writers and their work,
with the best person in your world.

try it sometime. 
there's lots of stories to talk about.
lots of silly picture books to laugh at.
and a simplicity that is so memorable.

i'm ending this post before i get really
cheesy and annoying.
but, hey, i can't help myself!
i love love!



"May today there be peace within..."

by, Saint Theresa of Avila

May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.
May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you...
May you be content knowing you are a child of God...
Let this presence settle into your bones, and allow your should the freedom to
   sing, dance, praise and love.
It is there for each and every one of us.

*from,  She Walks In Beauty; selected poems by Caroline Kennedy.

Read this this morning and, as I've said countless times prior,
I fell in love.

Have a wonderful morning.
And a wonderful day,
I suppose I will.
The swelling from my wisdom teeth has
gone down almost entirely, though I don't quite feel my whole self yet.
Anyways, I'm going to nanny later on this afternoon rather than all day,
they were so considerate giving me the morning to recuperate.
This is my last week of nannying my four little kiddos and I am so sad.
I will miss each of them so much.
I went into this summer desperately wanting to mend my broken heart,
and I had thought, what better a way to do so than falling in love with children?
Well, as you know, I was blessed with four, and each of them stole my heart away.

The Madison from June is entirely a different girl from the Madison here in August.
Posting that poem is proof enough!
My mentality has altered for the better.
In June I felt as though God had misplaced me.
I did not care about the "gifts" He may have given me.
And I had no sense of freedom, I felt trapped within the past.

People told me that one day I would look back and be able
to laugh at the ridiculousness and not flinch at the pain.
I thought that they were crazy. How could I ever get to that place in my life?
I suppose I looked at it in terms of know how if you can't sleep,
and you lay there, and you think about the concept of sleep, and you wonder what
exactly makes you sleep? Because suddenly, you fail to recall what made you fall
to sleep so effortlessly the nights prior...

I looked at my broken heart that way.
I was so aware of the pain, and so aware of the pain's consistency,
that I couldn't fathom not having a broken heart. And as much as I just wanted to
"sleep," so to speak, I figured I never would.

But the thing is, without even realizing it, we wake up. And that sleepless
night is over. We don't recall the moment when our mind decided to turn off,
we don't even recall our last thoughts...all that matters is that it's morning.

I cannot recall the morning I woke up and felt myself again.
I cannot recall the last time memories brought me pain.
And, I don't really care to.
Because it's morning, and I like morning best.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


i love sundays more than any other day.
{with one exception...}
i don't like sunday nights when i know that
i have classes the next day.
so, rephrasing...i love sundays during the summer.

it's sad, i only have two sundays left in california,
and only one left in gilroy.
i even just finished ordering my college books...
...2 hours and ten books later...
....and...lots of money that i don't have later...
...but who's counting, right?

so now, i'm in bed with mac
{i swear this computer is the best thing
that's ever happened to me}.
and i just finished eating some homemade
mac & cheese
{another mac that i love dearly}
and i'm watching sex & the city.
i'd call it a sunday night well spent.

at this moment, big is going to leave
carrie at the altar...SO SAD.
even though we all know that it's a
happily ever after in the end... :)

good night.
mom just came in and actually told me,
"go to sleep. no reading."
what's a girl to do?


today, after lunch.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

it's a cloudy day in gilroy

& i'm loving it more than you could ever know.

although, this whole wisdom teeth situation has grown very old with me.
my face is swollen, i am desperately craving in-n-out, and, more than that,
i'd loveee to go to barnes and write with this new mac book of mine.
especially since it's a cloudy day!
there is nothing more perfect than an afternoon at barnes, with a tea, and some words to write.
i suppose i'll just have to be patient and have that perfect afternoon
during one of my holiday breaks.

but i was able to spend my morning at a swap meet.
mom and dad took me, and i enjoyed it.
mom said that i was not allowed to buy any books whatsoever.
i fought the urge the entire time...
...until we left.
one of the last vendors had piles and piles of books.
it was fate.
six books for six dollars...
how in the world could i walk away.
i mean, at least i didn't buy the other six or so that i had in hand!

and so, 
george orwell,
fyodor dostoyevsky,
victor hugo,
edith wharton,
and, yes, two  more of lewis carroll's
alice's adventures in wonderland made it into my collection.

i am determined to collect as many adventures in wonderland and through the looking glass
books as i can!

i have a problem, i really do.
how on earth am i going to limit the books i take with me to college?

Friday, August 3, 2012


my friend, claudia, from high school recently asked me to model
clothing that her sister and mother have been making, by hand, and 
with all of their amazing efforts.

as of right now, they have a few pieces {all wonderful, playful, and fashionable}
and they have loads of inspiration and product coming very, very soon.

designing has been a dream of theirs for quite some time now and finally they
are pursuing it passionately and with such talent.

so, the other day i had the honor of wearing some of their current pieces,
and here are a few of the results.
the day was so much fun.
i had missed the girls, and so it was great catching up.
i truly, truly believe in the success of their products,
not only because the pieces are glamorous,
but because there is such thought and passion behind 
the origin of the pieces.

you can follow them on instagram: lovebomb__ or #lovebomb
& to order any of this clothing, you can find them HERE on etsy.

enjoy! i sure did! i could have stole all of the lovely pieces, i mean, come on,
they'd look great in any girl's closet. ;)

xoxo lovebomb

{thank you, ladies for letting me try on your beautiful clothes!}