Monday, August 20, 2012

here we go...

it's here. my last night in gilroy.
i have been dreaming of what tomorrow would look like for so long.
now that it's here, it's seemingly not as great as i had once anticipated.
however, when i look back on this, i know that i will look back with
such awe and fondness, because this is right.

i'm still fighting much regret.
but, i must have faith that this college journey
is right for me. i can no longer let things hinder me.
it's time to grow up, live a little, and take on as many adventures as possible!

i'm excited to see where i end up!
i'm excited to share my stories here.
today was crazy busy with all of my goodbyes and all.
but then i had to say one of my most difficult goodbyes,
and that was with my best friend, julia.
she is one of the main reasons i got through this year.
i owe her everything!
and hopefully she transfers to fox next year.

how cool would that be?!
gives me smiles just thinking about it.

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