Tuesday, August 28, 2012

i am in love.

in love, in love, in L O V E 
with my literature class.
it was love at first sight.
from the moment i read the syllabus.
from the moment i saw the works that these next
fifteen weeks would be consisting of.
from the moment i heard of all of the reading and writing and ideas
that would fill my homework time.
that's when i knew that i could survive this semester.

okay, SO CHEESY, i know.
but you guys seriously have not the slightest clue
about how happy literature, reading, and writing make me.
they are the only things that i am confidently great at...
school-wise, hobby-wise...
i am proudly a literature nerd.
and i dont care who knows it.

what i am really rather ashamed about, though is the fact
that i haven't taken any pictures of anything.
i suppose it's simply because i have yet 
to want to become the room mate that drives everyone crazy with the camera.
but i figure that by the time i really know these girls,
they will see just how much i love me a ton of pictures.

for now, my posts just dont feel the same without pictures.
they feel empty!
but i am figuring some new material out, so just you wait and see!

for now i leave you with this. because i love them. and this album. and this song.

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