Friday, August 10, 2012

i'd just like to say {& quite a few other things, too...}

i'd just like to say that i currently finished a plate of chocolate chip
pancakes before even beginning this post. {eating my feelings much?}

i'd just like to say that the reason i'm eating my feelings is because
before i made the pancakes i found my old phone, with old photos,
videos, text messages, and the like...i found my "break up" letter...
though it really isn't a break up letter...i found old notes, and pictures.
and letters.
just the thing a happy girl wants to come upon while looking about her closet.

i'd just like to say that at exactly this time {1 o'clock pm} two weeks from
now, i will have to say my goodbye's to my mom and dad...anddd here comes the
awful stomachache of emotion.

i'd just like to say that i feel soooo many emotions about leaving that i actually
feel exhausted. really.

i'd just like to say that typically i am really happy-go-lucky, but currently, i am
having a major human moment...and am probably on the brink of another melt down.

i'd just like to say that saying my goodbyes to zoe, caitlin, ian, and emma were such
sad moments. i love my kiddos sooo much, yes, i know i've said that many times.

and, i'd just like to say that despite all of this sad/nervous emotion...

and that makes me very happy, at least.

and this song, this song is definitely on repeat. loveeee mat kearney.

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