Saturday, August 25, 2012

it's been awhile. and awhile has gotten me HERE.

dear blogger,

as much as i miss home, you are like a second home to me.
i love you., i no longer live in cool is that?
actually, it's pretty weird.
these past couple of days have been so insane, emotional, wonderful, scary...
but it's all worth it.
i LOVE the girls on my roommate especially.
i don't know everyone quite yet, but i am so looking forward to my friendships here.

homesickness hasn't quite hit.
i think it's because the school keeps us so busy.
i have hardly anytime to go into detail at the moment,
and i have taken pretty much NO pictures...which is weird for me, right?
but, once i get a free moment i will spill all of the details of my first couple days as
a college student.

my fingers are still crossed for the best!


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