Saturday, August 4, 2012

it's a cloudy day in gilroy

& i'm loving it more than you could ever know.

although, this whole wisdom teeth situation has grown very old with me.
my face is swollen, i am desperately craving in-n-out, and, more than that,
i'd loveee to go to barnes and write with this new mac book of mine.
especially since it's a cloudy day!
there is nothing more perfect than an afternoon at barnes, with a tea, and some words to write.
i suppose i'll just have to be patient and have that perfect afternoon
during one of my holiday breaks.

but i was able to spend my morning at a swap meet.
mom and dad took me, and i enjoyed it.
mom said that i was not allowed to buy any books whatsoever.
i fought the urge the entire time...
...until we left.
one of the last vendors had piles and piles of books.
it was fate.
six books for six dollars...
how in the world could i walk away.
i mean, at least i didn't buy the other six or so that i had in hand!

and so, 
george orwell,
fyodor dostoyevsky,
victor hugo,
edith wharton,
and, yes, two  more of lewis carroll's
alice's adventures in wonderland made it into my collection.

i am determined to collect as many adventures in wonderland and through the looking glass
books as i can!

i have a problem, i really do.
how on earth am i going to limit the books i take with me to college?

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