Thursday, August 30, 2012

"let him bless your socks off!"

i opened up facebook this morning to a lovely message
from a lovely friend from back home.
she has always given me encouraging words when i need them most,
so weird and cool! how that always happens.
she's one of those rare people that is there in your life and loves to cheer you on,
so blessed i have her!

anyways, thursdays are now my most favorite days of the week.
all because i have writing class in the morning and literature class in the afternoon.
how awesome is that?!
i am soooooo excited.
and since today was my first writing class, 
i learned all about what it will consist of.
it's called a hybrid class.
soooooo perfect.
i love it.
and i havent even started blogging.
as this week goes on, i am really beginning to love this new education of mine.

thanks, mom and dad!

p.s. i want to be her today.
just because.
pictures like this look magical and freeing.
and it looks like her socks have just been blessed off.
and it reminds me of something julia and i would do.
because we're silly.
i found this pretty little image along with some others at this inspiring little blog!

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