Tuesday, August 28, 2012

let's eat cake and shop.

this morning i woke up wanting cake.
like, really, really bad.
i havent had cake in quite some time, i realized!

so i spent some time {avoiding my western civilization homework...oops.}
this morning looking at cakes. 
over at this blog, are sunday "cake" posts...and let me say,
each cake looks yummy and so very pretty.
and then i came across THIS, which happened to make
my craving that much worse!
it's funny how within the first week of not having access to a kitchen,
i actually have a desire to bake...and cook...
i suppose you don't know what you have until it's gone, right?
that applies to kitchens as well:)

oh, and a girl that lives on my floor said that if you take a cake mix
from the box and mix it with, i want to say diet coke, and then cook it,
that something delicious is made.
definitely trying this when i get back to california.

anyhoo, i have a literature class to prepare for.
i am SO very excited for this class...you have no idea.
and then i have more homework.
yesterday, i hated being a student.
but today, today i am trying to love it.
i really am.

happy tuesday!

oh, and p.s. i am addicted to this little place!
i cant help it! i love love love stripes to no end.
i have yet to break in the debit card with online shopping.
and i really hope to not start such a horrible habit any time soon.



these two pictures made me smile today.
i love them.

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