Friday, August 3, 2012


my friend, claudia, from high school recently asked me to model
clothing that her sister and mother have been making, by hand, and 
with all of their amazing efforts.

as of right now, they have a few pieces {all wonderful, playful, and fashionable}
and they have loads of inspiration and product coming very, very soon.

designing has been a dream of theirs for quite some time now and finally they
are pursuing it passionately and with such talent.

so, the other day i had the honor of wearing some of their current pieces,
and here are a few of the results.
the day was so much fun.
i had missed the girls, and so it was great catching up.
i truly, truly believe in the success of their products,
not only because the pieces are glamorous,
but because there is such thought and passion behind 
the origin of the pieces.

you can follow them on instagram: lovebomb__ or #lovebomb
& to order any of this clothing, you can find them HERE on etsy.

enjoy! i sure did! i could have stole all of the lovely pieces, i mean, come on,
they'd look great in any girl's closet. ;)

xoxo lovebomb

{thank you, ladies for letting me try on your beautiful clothes!}


  1. Wowie! You look just beautiful in all of these outfits :) What a cute store! Xx

    1. Thank you so much!
      Just so you know, I love your blog! I find it adorable and inspiring