Wednesday, August 29, 2012

one-hundreth post!

i can't believe i have been blogging for three months now.
it feels as though i began my journey on here such a long, long time ago.
but it has hardly been any time at all.

today also marks my eighth day living in oregon.
and tomorrow marks one whole week that i have been living in my dorm.
anyhoo, this week has been one of the longest, craziest, saddest, and rewarding weeks
of my life. ever.

honestly, part of me is still hesitant about the fact that i live here.
but the thing is that i do indeed live here, and i will for quite some time.
and i have not one legitimate reason to dislike living here.
it's a blessing to come to a university to study.
and i do feel so grateful.

now, i promised i'd talk about this week so, here it goes...

i arrived in oregon last tuesday and felt very hopeful about what my new life had in store for me.
andddd, then wednesday rolled around, and i was terrified.
i saw my imaginary door leading back to california from oregon and wanted to run!
it was a near emotional break down in forever 21.
but i sucked it up and moved myself into my new home the following day.
that all went smoothly, and by friday i was saying a very bitter-sweet goodbye to my parents.
{i miss them!}
the school, however, has a talent for keeping students occupied to no end so that
we begin college on a wonderful note.
my welcome weekend at fox consisted of a mystery bus that dropped us off
in portland for a bit and then took us to a faire-like place where we could have the rides
all to ourselves for part of the night.
we had orientation activities.
we attended church in groups.
and we had a hoedown.

can you spell exhaustion?
after this weekend, i couldn't.
however, i wouldn't have done this weekend in any other way.
and i would do it all over again.
i love how i will be able to forever say, i moved away for school...i did it.
because i really didn't think i'd pull myself together and find the strength to do it.
or to stay for this long.

i did, though. totally, totally proved people wrong.
and i am so happy that i did.
i kicked some serious butt these past few months.

i know that so many adventures await me this school year,
and i cannot wait to tell all of you guys about them.
i miss all of the people that used to fill my days,
but the girls that i am meeting here are turning out to be the kind of 
people i never thought that i could have as friends.

as i become more familiar with them and with school i promise there
will be pictures and names and stories!

happy mid-week, xoxo.

p.s. this is still what i consider to be the tune to my life song.
and one of my all time favorite movies.

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