Sunday, August 5, 2012


i love sundays more than any other day.
{with one exception...}
i don't like sunday nights when i know that
i have classes the next day.
so, rephrasing...i love sundays during the summer.

it's sad, i only have two sundays left in california,
and only one left in gilroy.
i even just finished ordering my college books...
...2 hours and ten books later...
....and...lots of money that i don't have later...
...but who's counting, right?

so now, i'm in bed with mac
{i swear this computer is the best thing
that's ever happened to me}.
and i just finished eating some homemade
mac & cheese
{another mac that i love dearly}
and i'm watching sex & the city.
i'd call it a sunday night well spent.

at this moment, big is going to leave
carrie at the altar...SO SAD.
even though we all know that it's a
happily ever after in the end... :)

good night.
mom just came in and actually told me,
"go to sleep. no reading."
what's a girl to do?


today, after lunch.

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