Thursday, August 9, 2012

ten things thursday.

ten things that i loved today...

that i got my stitches out! yay for no more wisdom teeth!

that orientation starts TWO weeks from today! soooo exciting/scary!

this and this are on their way in the mail!

the dress i'm wearing today. it's one of those dresses that makes
you feel so girly and easy going.

waking up early, just so that i feel ahead of my whole day.

the way my high school is turning out. such a beautiful campus.

lady gaga. yup, i said it.

the fact that my dog puts up with me and all of my whining
about him being in the way and not obeying, blah blah blah.
i swear he probably thinks that i'm the annoying one.

that pretty much everyone i made eye contact with while
on my walk today smiled. there's something about a stranger
giving you a nice smile that shows such kindness.

the prospect of packing up my stuff. yep, i'm weird. i love to pack.

well, i'm off to my last day of nannying!
*sad sad sigh*

i had the best summer job. ever.
and i'm not just saying that to sound nice.
sure, there were days where i was tired or the kids were tired,
or when they were grouchy and i had to repeat, "be nice to your brother...
be nice to your sister...don't say that...don't touch that...say please....say thank you..."

in the end, it was all worth it. because all four of the kiddos are the coolest.
and i love them.
and remember how i told the girls about the story of the little prince?
well i bought it and will be giving it to them today.
i think that they'll love it.

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