Sunday, August 12, 2012

the best part of my whole summer happened within today.

so remember when i said on my bucket list, fall in love, if necessary...?
no? yes?
well, i did. here...

today, that happened.
today, i fell in love with a boy.
and he isn't just any boy.
he's very special and very handsome and meeting him was such an amazing

today, my nephew, frederick james entered the world.
he came just shy of a week early,
grown, healthy, and handsome.
words cannot sum up just how amazing it was to see him and to hold him
for the first time.
as exhausted as the whole family was,
{not to mention the two new parents!}
i would do today all over again just to see him and have
that experience once more.

baby fred, i already love you so much more than i can ever say.
today was a blessing,
and now being able to watch you grow and to love you will be such an honor.
you were born to two amazing parents,
and you have a huge family that is beyond smitten.

welcome to the world, fred.

happy birthday.


{i'll post some pictures in the future, but for now he's so new and i'd like to give fred and his parents some privacy, it's their baby and there are lots of you readers!}

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