Monday, August 13, 2012

when does my debit card arrive in the mail??!!

no, really.
because i have a new found love for this little thing called ruche.
{you can find this lovely/addicting little place here}

new sunglasses like these would look lovely with a sunglasses case such as this...

and since i've been in the headband-making mood {which i will post about soon!},
i was really inspired by this, as well as this...
these would work great in oregon! despite the cold, i am determined to 
stay true to my high school best-dressed-ness.
and i must not forget about yellow things,
and these three lovely, yellow, pieces are perfect reminders!

golly, i love being a girl.
{hate being a broke college student.}

and speaking of college...
i leave in exactly one whole week.
do you know how freeing that feels?
i am so so so excited.
i think that this might be the best thing that's ever happened to me, 
thus far.
i've had this dream since i was young, and now
that it's actually happening, i feel like the
luckiest girl in the world.
it's almost as though i feel more confident, and sure of myself now,
than i ever have before.
i'm ready for new friends, a new home, new places,
new memories, challenging classes, rainy days,
a diploma!
and all of the beautiful things that will follow.

i think it's necessary to thank all of the amazing people, that i have been blessed with having
in my life, for their encouragement, love, and prayers.

mom & dad.
bridgette, brenda, & ethan.
mitch & greg.
nana & papa.
grandma natalie.
miss julia & miss angiolina.
pastor & aunty kathy.
uncle jeff & courtney.
aunt d & uncle troy.
ashley, charles, lucas, paulina, alyssa.
michelle l. & anna s.

there's also a few teachers, church leaders, parents of friends, and other
 little friends along the way, that have provided love and encouragement.
all of the above individuals got me here, to this chapter of my life.
and for that, i feel forever blessed.

so now, i'll take this week as slow, or as quickly, as i please. because
one week from now all of my goodbyes will have been said,
and i will start a new journey.
oh, and ruche will be there along the way...inspiring me to dress fashionably, of course;)


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