Wednesday, August 22, 2012

where did summer go?

summer went faster, and was crazier, than i ever imagined it would have been.
i wasn't able to cross off everything on my summer bucket list, but that's alright with me,
i'm just going to add those on over to my main bucket list.

anyways, here's the last of what i can cross off...

take many pictures.
spend a few days in modesto.
learn a new language.
fall in love, if necessary.
read as many books as i can.
antique shop.
spend a whole day at the beach.
aimlessly drive.
take a vacation.
play catch.
cry with someone, for that someone.
fill a journal.

as you saw on here, i took so many pictures this summer...i will definitely be one of those annoying, picture taking moms!

i spent a few days in modesto last week...boy, am i glad i did. i miss my sister often, and the kiddos are growing up so fast.

so, i didn't learn an actual language...but i did learn the importance of kind words. i learned the language of patience and of understanding {thanks to the kiddos i nannied for}. and i learned the language of knowing-when-to-bite-my-tongue. so cheesy, i know, but i needed those lessons.

i fell in love with a little nephew, fred. it was totally necessary. he. is. so. handsome.

i read as much as i could this summer, though not as much as i had planned...

i love a summer sunday in an antique shop. and i even got to take ian and emma to one!

mom and i  spent all of last friday at the beach. it was lovely.

i found myself aimlessly driving throughout this summer. sometimes the car is a good way to sort out your thoughts, or just run away for awhile.

i never went away for vacation. but my last week here, i took work was a time i used to prepare for college and just glad i did that.

i played catch with charles and lucas once this summer...quite hysterical, those two are. and ian and i played soccer at the park on several occasions.

julia and i cried lots this summer. for each other...for other things too. she's like my crying buddy. i won't just cry in front of anyone.

as always, my journals are constantly collecting words...i think that a journal is good for a healthy life.

i'm off to explore my new home today!
i'm a bit nervous, honestly.
part of me is saying, "ruuuuun!"
and then part of me knows that this is meant to be.

fingers crossed!

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