Friday, August 3, 2012

wisdom teeth...yay...

i got my wisdom teeth pulled today.
i was so nervous, sooo nervous.
i was convinced that my mind would be too strong for the
medicine...turns out, i'm not all that cynical... ;)

anyways, all that i recall saying to the doctor was,
"i know what you're trying to're trying to talk to me
 so that i'm distracted, but it won't work..."
a towel was over my head the next minute.
it worked.

i started waking up towards the end of the procedure.
but i only remember bits and pieces. 
supposedly, i was asking for my ex-boyfriend...
over and over and over again.
that's been quite the laugh today.

i slept for a few hours upon arriving home,
and awoke to a yoghart {a new, local frozen yogurt shop} from my best friend, julia.
she spent the afternoon here with me.
once i got a bit stir-crazy, julia and i sat outside
on my front porch with huge sun hats
to hide my face because it was so swollen.
here are some pictures of her cheering me up...


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