Sunday, September 23, 2012

bits+pieces from instagram.

1. coming from dinner at the "bon."
2. faces painted to show hms pride. gotta love that feeling of a high school rally.
3. my new friend. he loves christmas, the office, and jesus. all wonderful things to love.
4. my grocery shopping bag...too bad i have too many groceries to really hold everything.
5. a drawing left in my envelope by one of the girls.
6. college meals. they just become more and more assorted and strange.
7. ice cream & a flower from the bon.
8. i love this.
9. it rained on thursday. such a good day.
10. torn between math homework and mr. wilde. obviously, oscar should win.
11. jake's bible today at the coffee cat. bibles are so photogenic.
12. coffee cat chai. how i love me a good chai.


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