Tuesday, September 25, 2012

here's to the ghosts that we knew.

i fell in love with mumford and sons when i fell in love.
i've therefore avoided their music for quite some time.
just kind of painful, you know?
when someone that you love is yelling at you and saying hateful things...
yet there's a beautiful song playing in the background.
just takes me back to those moments.
every single time.
music does that. sometimes for the good, and sometimes
for the bad.

mumford and sons has a new album, though.
it's ironic to me that it comes out just as everything is looking up.
i've been soooo excited to hear the songs.
and so i did this morning, i looked some of them up and listened.
i kind of teared up. just a little.
but refused to cry.
i know that maybe it makes no sense to you and probably sounds dramatic or whatever,
but to me it makes perfect sense. i'm the one with the memories.
and certain things trigger them more than others.
marcus mumford's beautiful voice, for instance, takes me back to
a bad time in my life. but, the songs are beautiful nonetheless,
and so is today. and so is life.
and i'm just happy that i have another excuse to buy music
for my record player.

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