Wednesday, September 12, 2012

i did it.

i online shopped.
and i liked it.

after all the work i've been doing
& especially since i need a coat to
take on the upcoming oregon rain,
i splurged and treated myself to some
lovely ruche.
i needed something with a hood,
something that would last me a while,
and something that was different, and would
go with everything.
this. was. perfect.

and then mom called and said that she
found THIS at the store {remember i
mentioned this here?}...and so my
dorm room will be getting a bit of a
fall touch...
it's almost fall, guys! how awesome is that?!
i'll be humming christmas songs like crazy
very, very soon. just you wait. ;)

ohh, and i know that it's one of my
rules not to talk about boys on this blog,
but remember that cute boy in my class
that i told you about? know, the
one that makes me nervous?

well, he still makes me nervous! but
i kind of...sort this boy...i do.
yep, it's a miracle!
and it's especially a miracle that
each time i've been with him, something
embarrassing manages to happen to me
and yet he just politely smiles or makes
a clever remark...but hey, embarrassing moments
are some of my favorites so he's just going to
have to get used to this girl over here!

{not the best view of campus, but this was after class last night. i am in love with this campus. and i know that i will fall more and more in love with oregon as the years go and as i do more exploring. i'm never coming back to live in california, you guys. i just can't see it happening. sorry, mom!}


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