Saturday, September 29, 2012

i did nothing with my life today.

and at first i hated it.
but then i remembered
that this is the type of
thing that i wish for
when my homework
is piling sky high.
so i'm okay with it now.
and i had ice cream at dinner.
and it was chicken-strips
night, too.
those two things were

so, i'm in for the night,
and planning on staying
in all day tomorrow, too.
hooray for nothingness!
maybe i'll read a book
that i've been meaning
to read. or maybe i'll
even get myself out
and walking over to
one of the local coffee
i'm really trying to love
you, sundays. really.
but you're so long and
you make me miss jules,
and od's, and barnes,
and walks, and home.

the end.

p.s. i really
want to make a blanket
fort, and crawl in and
read a good book, and
forget everything and
almost everyone.

maybe in december.

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