Tuesday, September 11, 2012

i. hate. the. gym.

i hate hate hate the gym!
any gym and every gym!
they scare me.
no, not because there's "cute guys there."
i say this because everyone i've told this to assumes that
i'm concerned about cute boys.
i'm literally just intimidated by the concept of the gym.

i miss walking...and sometimes jogging...back at home.
i miss the neighborhoods.
that treacherous mantelli hill.
the levy.
i miss plugging in my ipod and just feeling good at the end of my day.

i used to walk allllll of the time.
it was my one hour stress relief at the end of the day,
and my excuse to indulge in sweets.

now, i think i'm going crazy without any exercise in my life!
and to top that off, in the class i was just in, they discussed
the importance of a balanced diet and plenty of exercise in college.
how is that possible?!
someone, please, answer this question.

anyhooooo, tonight i have studying, and as much
as i would loooove to face my fear of the gym
and go with some people, i think that being studious is my route for the night.
especially since i'm getting sick!
i know... *cough cough*
i have a sore throat.
good thing my amazing mama packed me plenty of my favorite
cough drops!

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