Saturday, September 8, 2012

i want to live in this movie.

all of the time.

i came to the conclusion that i see life
like a scene in a movie...or a novel.
it doesn't matter what is going on with or around me,
in my mind i always envision a pen and paper at work
like one giant script.
i have an overactive imagination.
so today this imagination of mine wanted to play "house" in ikea.
find a secret spot.
draw a city on a huge chalk board.
take a drive listening to the smiths.
see a black and white film.
or just be lazy with someone whom i dearly love.

that's all i wanted today.
but at least i had regina. :)

a few other things that i love lately...

this PILLOW! 
it's from pier 1 and i am in love with it.


and oh my god.
look at these pieces of wall art.
i am really in love this time, you guys.
i want each of these.
they're by thomas hughes & i saw them here.

oh and can you believe this chair!
i need my own house.
so i can fill it with lovely things.
and have adventures in ikea.
or other make-believe-house stores!

okay, bye!


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