Thursday, September 13, 2012

i'm really trying to love today.

although it feels like today is trying even harder to dislike me.
you know those days where the littlest thing triggers the
rest of your day to feel like it all just...excuse me...

i had that today.
it was one little, tiny, insignificant thing that
sent the dominoes of my day falling in a row.
and they haven't stopped falling since.

it's weird having bad days here at school because
when i used to have bad days, i looked forward
to the comfort of home and the escape of school
by three o'clock.
here, there's nowhere to go really.

there's a lot of things i've been working on lately,
and i know that this is just a season in my life,
but it's been a rather difficult season due to how
difficult my previous season was.
and sometimes, like now, i'd love to just crawl in bed
and forget the world for a while.

at least today is thursday...which totally calls for a ten things thursday.
today, as much as i dislike you, i still have managed to love a few things. breakfast without milk. for lunch with milk. and at dinner, in my peanut
butter and jelly sandwich.

polka dots. always.

how, towards the end of literature class, i always hear
someone playing the piano. i love pianos.

words. words. words.

cough drops. oh, how i have loved you these past few days
with my allergies and all.

the sound of all the girls on the floor towards the end of the night.
we're usually all "home" by then, and it's comforting to know
that there's always someone across the way.

how i am becoming less and less of a neat freak...what is happening to me?!

how i can never figure out how to walk up the stairs here at fox.
they're so uneven. and they do make the walk to and from very interesting.

the fact that i have an interview in a couple of hours for a barista position.
{fingers crossed!}

letters. seeing them in my little box makes me a happy girl.

{i'm praying that things start looking up today. fingers crossed!}


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