Friday, September 28, 2012

missing home today.

i miss...

1. saturday morning puffed pancakes and crepes.

2. driving! god only knows how much i miss just getting in my
car and leaving.

3. thursday date night. julia and i always found something
strange to get ourselves into.

4. how my room looks when the sun is setting...thank goodness
for having a huge window to let all of that pretty light in.

5. my record player and my typewriter. so many songs and so many
stories are going to waste because they're absent in my life.

6. playing the piano. i used to play only when no one was home.

7. crafts! oh how i miss you, michaels, and all of your d.i.y. friendliness!

8. target. oh my.

9. barnes and noble, this long distance relationship is not working.
i just might cry the next time i am able to lose myself in the fiction
and literature section.

10. walks and jogs that i took every evening. definitely fearing that freshman
fifteen, over here. ;)

11. ethan. yes, i miss fighting with my brother. and if he tackles me the moment i
get home, i think i might be perfectly happy.

12. in n out. every. single. day.

13. the sound of my tea kettle. fountain water and the microwave just dont do the trick.

14. that candy shop in morgan hill. it was just another wonderful excuse to act like a five year old... :)

15. has been too long since i have purchased a book or clothing!

16. eating cereal at favorite.

17. earl grey lattes or iced green teas from starbucks.

18. yoghart. sooo yummy.

19. carrie bradshaw. yes, mom, i am posting on my blog that i miss my sex & the city.

20. the clouds on my ceiling...i miss them indeed.

but mostly i miss,
mom & dad, ethan & ed, julia & geeg, aunty kathy & lu, nana & papa, uncle jeff & courtney, grandma & the dooleys, the eilers & the mckinleys, ian & emma, caitin & zoe... 
and little miss allison, you still have my heart. promise.

i can't wait to see home...
i cant believe it's already been seven weeks since this day.
i love how time flies.
this is my best friend.
she was trying to make me laugh, i think,
which i suppose wasn't the best idea since i had
gotten my wisdom teeth pulled this day...


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