Saturday, September 1, 2012

saturday. hooray, hooray.

you have not the slightest clue about the many things that i should be
doing right now. no idea.
my list of homework and studying is so very long and one would think that
completing it should be a simple task to do because i'm in such a small little space with
such little to do.
but then again, i'm me. and even in the smallest of places my imagination is just a bit
too big to contain.
the minute i even think of picking up my books to study for bible,
or history, or math, i get millions of ideas about headband designs,
i think about all of the pages i'd like to color in my coloring books, i
think of that new bright red nail polish that i have been dying to try, i think
of all of the time that i have later, i think of all of the books that i could be reading 
for fun, or i find myself reading recipes on blogs...
recipes? me?
i just might become quite the cook when i have my own kitchen, let me tell you. 

and you know what would make this day so much better for laziness?
that oregon rain!
please, please, please come soon, rain.
i cannot wait to meet you!


but for today, this is alllll that my heart desires.

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