Thursday, September 20, 2012

ten things that were great today.

one. i just kind of let go...of all of my stress. and it felt wonderful.

two. we watched a silent film in lit. class today, and i dont care who
         finds that lame because i looove old movies.

three. today was cold! and i got to wear a beanie. and keep a jacket on allll day. 
          i love you, gloomy weather. you make me smile.

four. i JUST realized that i have an assignment due at midnight. so, for the past fifteen minutes, i 
        threw together a personal reflection...yep, i am that good of a student.

five. i have this new friend. and he's really cool to hang out with. he's teaching me how to laugh 
        at myself again. which is awesome.

six. according to my new music is legal in ten days!...ten days, everybody!

seven. in-n-out burger. it's great in my tummy. not so great that it's seven hours away!

eight. tomorrow's friday. god knew that i needed this to be a quick week. 

nine. i was "yelling" at my mom over text today...and she simply responded with, "chill out." 
         i laughed out loud and had to show the people that were with me. mom always makes me laugh.

ten. these pictures that were used in our family floor time tonight. i wanted to keep all of them and put    
       them into some great collage on a giant wall. love me some random pictures.

"sweet nightmares", everyone. 

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