Thursday, September 6, 2012

ten things thursday.

it's been a while.

today, i loved these most:

1. literature class. because we're reading little red riding hood.
who would of thought, you know?

2. the fact that i JUST finished my first college paper.
words cannot sum up my excitement.
and if i had the energy, i'd jump up and sing a song.
la dee daa.

3. the other fact that i actually understood almost all of my math homework.
seriously, did i die and go to heaven for this miracle to have happened?

4. the oreos and peanut butter craving that i have everyday.
i caved today, but after this essay i totally deserved it. promise.

5. this song.
{from 500 days of summer}

6. the thought of 500 days of summer.
someone please bring me that movie.

7. awkward moments.
i live for them

8. my new home. i do like you, new home, i do.

9. the moment i had in literature class the other day when the teacher was showing
us random pictures of versions of cinderella. a fashion editorial came up
and the teacher said, "'s a...model..?"
i was probably the only one who was sooo happy
because it was a familiar face.
love you, karlie kloss.

oh my gosh. love love love.
mumford and sons, as i have said before, is one of my favorites.
and i'm a sucker for the piano.
so this is just fantastic in my book.

happy almost weekend!

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