Tuesday, September 4, 2012

three hundred & fifteen.

so, this is home for the next...how many months?
i'd like to keep from calling it "small"...but rather, cozy?
whichever, i've decided that i love this little room because
it signifies my first taste of independence.
in fact, i actually enjoy walking down four floors to the basement
so that i can wash my dishes or do a load of laundry.
one thing i'm suuuuuuper ashamed of?
T H A T C L O S E T.
golly, my closets in california would never be that messy.
it's only been one week, and college has definitely taught me the 
importance of messiness and clutter: it keeps you sane!
so bring on the clutter!
well, in little bits at least.
and i think that diego has adjusted well.
the girls love him.
and they even hold him and walk around with him at times.
it feels great that i finally have a routine and can work my room
without feeling frantic.
and i even got back to my usual cup of tea!
which i love.
the whole love affair with sweets hasn't stopped now that i'm in college.
if anything it's grown worse!
i eat cookies and banana bread and candy like it's no one's business.
so i should probably start working out. soon.
but on second thought...maybe i'll wait until after all of the holiday food to do that.

happy tuesday!

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  1. I LOOOOVED seeing all of these pictures! it made me feel oh so happy :)