Monday, September 3, 2012

today i wore pants and my day went so well!

...they aren't just any old pants...
they're red pants!
{actually, they're grenadine orange...whatever the heck that means}

i wanted red pants for such a long time
and just days before i came to college i walked into
gap and saw them!
they were the last of my meant to be.
and i don't care what anyone says about my bright red pants,
because i love them. and their brightness. and their redness.

...but i'm just a tad-bit nervous about what might happen when i wash them...
que the phone call to mom.

anyways, i have plenty of letters today.
here they are...

dear new "red" jeans,
I L O V E Y O U.

dear college,
i kind of, sort of, am starting to, trying to
L I K E Y O U.

dear diego,
you make my dorm bed look so cute.

dear first college quiz ever,
please give me a good score...please?:)

dear candy jar on my desk, oreos on my shelf, and homemade cookies & bread in my drawer,
pleaseeee, i beg you. stop being so delicious. and available. like, all day.

dear an education,
i just might buy you on itunes. but then again, i really want that jonsi album.
decisions, decisions.

dear literature class,
you're my fave.

dear for writing class,
you're so not my fave.

dear fall/winter,
please come. soon. quickly. now.
i am so ready to break out the winter wardrobe.

dear mailbox,
i get sad when you're empty.

dear cute boy in my class,
you are so cute.
and you make me so nervous.

dear carrie bradshaw,
i miss you and all of your sex-and-the-city-ness.

dear diary,
just kidding.

dear camera,
don't hate me because i don't use you.

dear slender man,
you are so frighteningly awesome. the girls of hobson love you.

dear puffed pancakes,
i could cry, i miss you so.

dear sunday,
you're simply not the same without gilroy.


if you'd like to leave a list of things you love
or a letter to the things you love then just comment below
and i'd be happy to post it!

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