Wednesday, October 31, 2012

halloween: phantom menace style!

the first time i trick-or-treated and actually remembered it was my freshmen year.
crazy right?
my parents weren't into "halloween" so trick-or-treating was always a no-go.
instead my brother and i would dress up and our parents would take us to a 
church harvest festival, which to me was so cool.
i remember one year my parents bought us costumes that were more on the 
expensive side {all the other years we kind of just got creative}. 
i was a star wars nerd growing up...i had the movies, the action figures, the lightsabers...
nerd alert! but totally proud of it!
anyhoo, i don't recall how exactly the costumes came about, but they did...
they did indeed....and boy are the pictures of ethan and i waaaay too embarrassing!
i love them anyways.
since i don't have the pictures, i looked up the costumes so you can see for yourself.

via: here & here

yep...we were pretty awesome. 

so, happy halloween, everyone!
stay safe.
i know that if i could have halloween my way i'd put on the nightmare before christmas
{because between halloween and christmas it is totally the perfect movie}
and eat some pumpkin pie.
but that's just me!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

dear california,

i miss you.
i never would have guessed that
this sentence would come out of my 
mouth so soon into college,
but it's the total truth.

i miss sundays.
i miss picking julia up for church,
and sitting in my car hoping that she heard her
alarm. sometimes she didn't, so all of the getting ready
took place in the car.

i miss driving.
goodness, how i miss being able to leave.
often times it was julia  and i driving around town, 
singing our hearts out,
and typically coming from target, or forever, or even barnes.
sometimes it was just me. i would drive and listen to music
with all of the windows down...mumford & sons, arcade fire,
flo + the machine, mgmt, feist, and bon iver {for the sad drives}
were essentials to these drives.

i miss working at a coffee shop.
how my clothes reeked of espresso and bleach.
i miss my co-worker, "mars-bars," who used to have
the best play lists going.
i love how i still have all of the drinks memorized,
even the usual customer's orders.

i miss my nanny job!
{best job in the world}
i miss the questions, the imagination, the crafts,
the park days, my failed attempts at making lunch,
the jokes, and the peace that comes with being with children.
even when things were loud and crazy, and i lacked enough hands to do it all.

i miss sex and the city, and ellen.
my two favorite shows. 

i miss barnes and noble.
i miss sitting in the cafe area, writing, and reading,
studying, or falling in love.
i miss the fiction and literature section, and my endless
wish list that it comes with.
i miss sitting in the children's section with books that
i am too young for...yes, too young for.

i miss the top of mantelli where you can see all of little
old gilroy. so many memories up there. good & bad.

i miss the feeling of walking down miller with eddie
on warm evenings and crisp mornings.

i miss sunday breakfast at od's.
and late night animal fries at in-n-out.
i miss strawberries, and any fresh fruit for that matter.
i miss dad's mashed potatoes.
and nana's homemade tortillas.
i miss doughnut runs with ethan.
and mama mia's pizza.

i miss surprising jules at yoghart.
and super taq  burritos. 

but most of all i miss the people that come with living in
california. i miss what it felt like to know i was home, even
when home became something i outgrew for a time. 

three more weeks seems like an eternity. but, i've got things to accomplish here.
so for three more years i'll stay put.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


my parents just left.
&, not gonna lie, i'm crying in my dorm while it's pouring rain outside.
yup...i have definitely hit a low. just kidding. hah!
it was a wonderful weekend.
super blessed that they got to come out and see me.
ten weeks away from my family is too much if you ask me.
i have more to write about later,
but for now i just need to take some time for myself.
i knew i would be sad when they left today, but i didn't think i'd
feel so homesick.

twenty-four days until i come back, california.
and, trust me, i'm coming home with a bang!

p.s. for all of you amazing girls on my floor who haven't yet gotten a chance to see your families,
i totally think that you are awesome. it's difficult but you guys are troopers, and i love you so. i definitely am not as strong as you.

Friday, October 26, 2012

the 26th!

i remember way back when in july when i told
my mom to look forward to the 26th of october
because that was when family weekend was.
well, by august, the 26th of october seemed years away...
...but now it's here!
and my family is in portland as i type!
soooo exciting!
though this weekend is bittersweet
for me because i know that their visit here is short,
i am going to make the absolute best of the little time we've been given.
i am so grateful that they were able to make it out here.

p.s. jules i miss you & wish you were here.
you have no idea how much i miss you and our adventures & crafts!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

show some love!

i am now on bloglovin'!
totally confused with how it all works
but it's just another step into the blogging community.
soooo, follow me if you have an account!
and if you don't, make an account because it's
a super easy way to read the blogs you love. :)


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

on this chilly wednesday.


...i want to skip tomorrow so that it's friday. and then after sunday skip to
the twenty-first of november.

...i miss cantaloupe and watermelon more than i miss a lot of things.

...i often love a good children's story. okay, i always do.

...i carved a pumpkin last night for the first time ever!...and gave him a mustache.

...i've become addicted to gossip girl...a little bit late of me, or what?

...i eat one too many french fries on burger wednesdays.

...i cry when i can't sleep...yep.

...i secretly wish that i knew what would happen in five years just because i hate surprises and anticipation.

...i have a stack of neglected books along my bed.

...i eat too many werther's originals because grandma mailed me two packs of them!

...i really need to take out the trash...oh the messes i make every single day.

...i miss gilroy...just the slightest bit!

...don't believe that socks should ever match.

...this budget project is making me feel more and more like a kid...oh numbers, and figures, and taxes, and

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

all about cats.

  1. i want a cat named wednesday...this will happen at some point in the future!
  2. i have been in search of the purrrfect cat sweater for, uhm, months now! {if you have any ideas as to where i can find one, please let me know!}
  3. THIS IS SO AMAZING. i found it here. totally made my day! just click and drag all of the cute little random, yet so amazing.

        xoxo, happy tuesday.

longest. night. ever.

last night i went to bed tired & feeling very sick.
i literally felt like i had the flu alllll day yesterday.
so going to bed was something that i was looking forward to...
until three hours had gone by and i felt nowhere near the point of falling
asleep. worst feeling right? i cried. and i hardly ever cry, but i did.
{sounds as if i'm five, right?}
so my friend katie took me back to bed and sat with me until i started feeling better.
she's amazing.

i finally fell asleep {thank god.}
and now i'm awake...and sooo not ready to face the day.
i don't know about you, but not being able to sleep leaves me
with an anxious feeling all the following day.
cross my fingers that i get some sleep later tonight because
this girl needs all energy and strength she can get to feel better.

p.s. i realized last night just how much i miss my room.
typically when i couldn't sleep, i just laid there and counted
the clouds on my ceiling or made them into figures.
{okay, now i really sound like a five year old}
not being able to sleep in a dorm stinks because you can't
just get up and turn on all of the lights, you can't go to the kitchen to
make some food, you can't go to the living room to watch some television,
and you can't fall asleep knowing that you're in your own bed.
it was kind of sad, let me tell you.

but, i am in an amazing place, with people i love who love me in return.
so it's not quite like home in california, but it's the best home ever here in oregon.
i wouldn't change it for the world.
and besides, mom and dad and ethan arrive friday morning.
it's been nine weeks or so since i last saw them.
so many people said that i wouldn't be able to stay this long but i have,
and that makes me so very happy.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, in a most delightful way...

i wish that marry poppins was here to sing this to me while
i took my medicine.
or just mom. i miss my mom, tons.

i started feeling sick yesterday
and today i feel especially sick.
i hardly ever became sick back at home,
and now that i am in college i feel sick all of the time.

so i skipped chapel and a class,
and after math i am crawling into bed and calling it a day.
at least oregon is the perfect place to not feel so well because
the weather here is gloomy and makes a hot cup of tea
and lots of blankets seem so wonderful.

anyhoo, here's some pictures from yesterday.
obviously i was obsessed with the sunflowers.
remember when i blogged about sunflowers on a table here...?

have a wonderful monday!
stay warm...or dry...or cool...wherever you are.
i know i will try my best to feel well again!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

today at the pumpkin patch!

{credit: austin}

more pictures tomorrow!

happy birthday to brandon, brayden, and ella.

this is my all time favorite picture of you guys.
you were still babies, and today you are one year and ready to to take on the world.
i remember this day last year as if it were yesterday.
i woke up bright and early for zero period to dad coming into my room 
saying that you guys decided to come into the world extra early
{i guess you were excited to see everyone!}
i got to meet you three a week or so later.
you were only but a few pounds. i had to be so gentle in that hospital room.
but one by one you made your way home,
and before we knew it, thanksgiving and christmas came along.
i knew that you three were miracles and god's gifts to the family
because you were born so early and yet you've all grown without
any complications.
so as the year went by, we all watched you grow.

brayden, your personality always makes me laugh and you know it. you make your noises and do your little tricks fully aware that you always have an audience. you wear an inquisitive and curious look on your face at all times {which i love}...i know that you will never have problems making many friends. you're our little "mayor."

ella, i remember when your mom still had you in her stomach; you used to move around so already had so much life to give. i don't think i know a little girl that's more beautiful than you. you are so smart and so aware of the world around you that you astound all of us. you have a scream like no other, too, and this makes me know that you will always make your presence known. how could you not? you light up the room simply with that big smile of yours.

brandon, you've always been the biggest and the quietest. i love your laid back nature. you always have such a calm look on your face as if everything is alright. i can't wait to see how big you get. you were the first one that i held. you were only three or four pounds and so very handsome.
now you're grown and look like a toddler in all of your pictures...i can't believe it! i love you, moose.

i can't wait to see you guys, and to give you all of my love.
you three are amazing.
happy birthday.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

i solemnly swear that i am up to no good.

wrong movie, but oh well!
...okay so i love emma watson because i love love love harry potter!
and i have wanted to read this book for quite some time now.
so when i found out that a movie based on the novel was coming out and that
emma watson was in it...i was really excited.
i'll have to wait until it comes out on dvd which is a bummer,
but hey, maybe it can be a christmas present...?


Friday, October 19, 2012

when days look like this.

it's cold and gloomy here today.
as it will be almost every day for the many months?
i love the gloomy weather so much.
but while i live in it, i catch myself going back. only for small
instances. i've learned not to dwell in the memory of the past.
it only takes a moment. while everyone around the lunch table is
making conversation, my mind will wander off. and i can suddenly feel
fifteen again...sixteen...and seventeen, too. i remember everything;
and then, just like that, i'm back. and i remember where i am, and how much
god has blessed me with placing my life here. and then i know that everything is okay,
and that going home in a month isn't so daunting after all.

i have lots of homework this next coming week so i am currently
writing from the library.
why is it that i feel most at home when i'm buried behind piles of books?
so it's just me, maybe you, lots of gloom outside the window i am facing,
and a bit of bon iver playing in the background.
because bon iver brings everything back. everything.
i let them play for bits at a time. never longer than i can handle.
just enough for emma. because all of my memories are from forever ago.

some friday letters.

dear thanksgiving,
hurry up!

dear oregon rain,
no one ever said that you would be so cold.
and it's only october!

dear anna karenina...and bridget jones, and ethan frome, and oscar wilde,
college has made me suck as a reader. i'm sorry for all of the neglect.

dear san francisco,
i left my heart with you. thinking of you often!

dear karl the fog,
thank you for being my daily dose of san francisco.

dear 27 dresses,
i really want to watch you this weekend but only because bennie and the jets is my favorite part.

dear math project,
i don't know how on earth to make a budget plan...i don't even know how to send a fax.

dear od's,
i don't know whether i'm going to want the kitchen sink or the rosebud...whichever  the case, i am counting the days.

dear barnes & noble,
i am missing you more than ever.

dear treasure chest in my room,
i can't wait to see what's in did i forget?


Thursday, October 18, 2012

i live my life like i'm in a regina spektor song.

i already drive him crazy with taking pictures.
but now i have more of a reason to drive
him crazy.
such a fun app!!!

ten things that i love today:
little miss sunshine...makes me laugh every time.
all of the trees are changing color. so much prettier than california.
the above pictures/app. love love love.
i get to see my mom and dad and ethan in one whole week!
the christmas displays that are starting to appear in stores. hooray!
mom said we'll eat in-n-out the night i fly in. SO HAPPY.
crisp, early mornings.
mittens and scarves and lots of colorful socks.
the girls on my floor make my day...everyday.
this video is sooo funny. i loved getting a good laugh from it.


{aren't the little guys at the end the best?}

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

...just one more for today.

uhm, taylor swift, i will always love you.
you've gotten me through so many broken hearts.
and you've always said the things i've often never been able to say.
thank you.

i am so excited for RED that words cannot do me justice!
state of grace is my love love...hmm hmm hmm.

oh, and the album photos are just adorable...just sayinn'.

clothing (optional).

so i'm having one of those days...
you know, the type of day when nothing bad
has happened, and nothing particularly great has happened either,
yet you feel so....weird?
yep, it's one of those days!

i can always tell when i am on the brink of having one of these days
when i open up my closet in the early morning hours only to find that
anything and everything seems so unwearable.
no, no, i'm not insinuating that the clothing in my closet isn't good enough
to be worn, or that it's been worn too many times, or that i feel "too fat"
{all of these reason are annoyingly vein...though, let's be honest, girls, we've
all said them at some point in time}.

what i am saying is that you open your closet and....wait for're....


you just don't want to get dressed.
it's not even that you suddenly hate your clothing,
it's that the act of even changing from your warm, cozy pajamas
into jeans {which i truly do despise wearing}, or a blouse, or a sweater,
or even the thought of putting shoes on, all seem so tiresome or bland.

so, this was my morning in a nutshell.
it took me forty-five minutes {i kid you not}
to put on a pair of thrifted skinnies, a pullover sweater, an old scarf,
and some flats.
i think the the amount of time it took for me to put away the
mound of clothing i took out of my closet was longer than
the time it took for me to actually get dressed.
saying this on here is pretty embarrassing to see...
i know my mom will think that forty-five minutes is a bit excessive...oops.
but, hey, i had one of those mornings.
and i know you know what i'm talking about.

but, i really am going to try to love getting dressed tomorrow.
pajamas are not an outfit option for this girl, even if i'm sick,
tired, or simply making a coffee run.
give your closets some credit, girls.
as daunting, and annoying, and indecisive as clothes may seem,
they will treat you right if you treat them right.
and all clothing and every outfit is inspired by something....remember that.


Monday, October 15, 2012

i always love finding new blogs.

they just make me so happy,
and truly inspire me to further my blog 
as well as my writing.
sometimes it gets kind of lonely over here in my tiny corner
of the blogging world. 
it feels as if i write for absolutely no one but myself.
{which is totally fine in some cases!}
however, my page views have been increasing as has the positive feedback
which makes me smile every time that little number goes up!

anyhoo, i can already tell that these next two weeks are going to be insane
with classes and all, so for now i'm just allowing myself some time to relax...'s been a crazy day of school & homework...
and to look at blogs.

i am in L O V E with this blog, oh my goodness...
and i found it here, at this new little blog that i stumbled upon
after reading this blog...
oh, and i found this blog {which i love as well!}
because i am absolutely obsessed with this blog

the rockstar diaries is what introduced me to this blogging world,
and because of it, i continue to write!

happy readings.

it's raining today...

...which means i'm a very happy girl, over here in little old newberg.
i'm so happy it's like being kissed for the first time!
...or is it?
;) much as i love you oregon, i really. truly. very much want to go back
to new york.
so when i saw this on tumblr i had to share!
have a wonderful rest of your monday.

how cute is the little "google" logo today??
i thought that it was adorable!
you can see it here & here
{though i don't know how long the links will last!}

Sunday, October 14, 2012

i miss my michael's, yes i do.

i haven't stepped foot inside of a michael's since....august...?
...july maybe?!
it's really sad.

i'm so excited to go home for the holidays so that
i can do crafts with julia. hooray!
ribbons, and glitter, and color, and creativity does
wonders in a persons life. truly.

and, speaking of crafts, i came across 
how awesome would it be to receive one
of these in the mail every month??
i think it would be A M A Z I N G.
and a whole lot of fun.

happy sunday!

Saturday, October 13, 2012


lately i've learned...

that, in the end, patience doesn't feel so long.

that online "shopping" or browsing is fatal to
a girl's wallet and heart.

that staying up until two o'clock in the morning
just to finish teen mom reruns is bad when you're
trying to get well again.

that i really need to take some sort of art class next
semester...i need an outlet...and i miss those classes 
i took in high school.

that as much as i hate scary movies, this halloween
weather is making me want to crawl in bed and watch
a horror movie.

that oregon rain is beautiful. yep, i said it.

that i really, truly want to live in new york someday.
i've been saying it for five years now...?

that i miss home. and mom. and dad. and ethan. and 
many other beautiful people.

that i LOVE simplicity. sooo much.

that carrying my laundry up and down from the basement
to the third floor is one of my favorite things because it
makes me feel grown up.

that it's okay to have a muffin...or breakfast.
just not everyday...oops.

that red nail polish makes anything pretty.
christian louboutins anyone?

that i could live in leggings and tights.
i hate jeans. i really do.

that i worry excessively.

the end.

Friday, October 12, 2012

first day of rain & cold here in oregon...i am in love with it.

i spent a good part of my afternoon here...and had the best irish cream latte ever. 
and there were books!...i love me a coffee shop with books.

via: vsco cam

Thursday, October 11, 2012


hi, marcel!

i saw this here and had to share.
i hope it makes you smile like it made me smile!

oh, and tomorrow's forecast?
cue...happy dance... :)
i am loving all of the looks for fall.
and i am a lover of all things j.crew!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

bits+pieces on instagram.

 still sick.

happy birthday to a wonderful, beautiful friend!

 it's literally been since we were about three years old that i've called you best friend.
we've been through SO much together...the good, and the bad. but we've had each other and that's all that matters.
i hope that your eighteenth birthday is a beautiful & as fabulous as you!
can't wait to see you next month!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

rudolph?, bambi?

this little fella was right outside of my dorm yesterday evening.
so cute.

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas....hmm hmm hmm...

p.s. sorry i've been mia for the past few days.
i've been sick with a terrible cold. but one of the many
positives of living with lovely people is that they take good care of you!

here's a bit of what i can't hardly wait for!

Friday, October 5, 2012

i have a thing for homes and character, yes i do...

so i came across a website today and i {as i always say}
i really wish that i could crawl into bed for the rest of the day
due to the fact that i'm not feeling so well,
and because i'd rather spend my friday...or any day, for that matter...
looking at lovely things.

anyhoo, the website that i found is called Milk and Honey Home
and let me tell you that i am obsessed with their portfolio.
isn't looking at homes so much fun?
i think so!
i've always planned on what i want my future home to look like,
and as much as i am loving living in the dorms,
i cannot wait until i have a place of my own.

i'm a sucker for all white walls 
with lots of colorful pictures and art,
vintage furniture,
tiny bathrooms,
large kitchens,
and worn out, wooden floors.

i suppose that websites such as this allow me 
to live vicariously through the homes.
one day i'll have my "pinterest home"
as some of my friends say!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

i got two packages in the mail today.

my life just became so much cooler.
 goodwill opens tomorrow.
can i get an amen?

excuse the lack of make up/pre-bedtime/college-kid-exhausted eyes.
but who cares, this girl is just HAPPY to have the
new mumford & sons album!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012


it is so new to me that i just asked my roommate if it is spelled
"in the box" or "'n the box."
yes? no? maybe?

the point is that i had it.
and i never have
and now i have to go to carl's junior so that i can
say that i've had that, too.
and then there is a whole list of other places
that these oregonians have told me to eat at...
so i have to try them out, also.
blah, blah, blah.

all that we do in college is eat, study, eat, and MAYBE sleep.
if we're lucky.

it's wonderful.
jack in, or 'n, the box perfectly
portrays just how wonderful college is.
{no sarcasm!!! really}
i love it here.
and i have no documentation of last
night because the person i was with refused to take a picture.
shame on him...doesn't he know that he was with a girl who
loooooves to take random pictures all throughout the day? 

this girl has tons of reading to do,
one of the readings being:
is google making us stupid?
once more...i love college.
{a bit of sarcasm this time.}

Monday, October 1, 2012


i forgot to say happy fall!
how wonderful does it sound saying,

"oh, today's october first!"
sounds lovely to me!
before you know it
we'll all be singing jingle bells...

oh, and one more thing...
since i've been away i've
had little time and little opportunity
to make some sort of current bucket list/
project to work on.
however! that has changed because i have
been working on a little something that
i hope to share in a few weeks.
it's nothing huge, but i've been getting
tons more views lately {i LOVE you, readers}
and so i think i owe you guys a bit more
than just a general lifestyle blog every now and again.

i'm coming into my own here and totally
adjusting which means life will be changing
and with it more opportunities will arise.
so, expect changes in these next two months!
i know i am..

fingers crossed!

good days are spent at the museum.

like yesterday.
i spent it here.

i love me an old, yellow house.

the end.