Wednesday, October 17, 2012

clothing (optional).

so i'm having one of those days...
you know, the type of day when nothing bad
has happened, and nothing particularly great has happened either,
yet you feel so....weird?
yep, it's one of those days!

i can always tell when i am on the brink of having one of these days
when i open up my closet in the early morning hours only to find that
anything and everything seems so unwearable.
no, no, i'm not insinuating that the clothing in my closet isn't good enough
to be worn, or that it's been worn too many times, or that i feel "too fat"
{all of these reason are annoyingly vein...though, let's be honest, girls, we've
all said them at some point in time}.

what i am saying is that you open your closet and....wait for're....


you just don't want to get dressed.
it's not even that you suddenly hate your clothing,
it's that the act of even changing from your warm, cozy pajamas
into jeans {which i truly do despise wearing}, or a blouse, or a sweater,
or even the thought of putting shoes on, all seem so tiresome or bland.

so, this was my morning in a nutshell.
it took me forty-five minutes {i kid you not}
to put on a pair of thrifted skinnies, a pullover sweater, an old scarf,
and some flats.
i think the the amount of time it took for me to put away the
mound of clothing i took out of my closet was longer than
the time it took for me to actually get dressed.
saying this on here is pretty embarrassing to see...
i know my mom will think that forty-five minutes is a bit excessive...oops.
but, hey, i had one of those mornings.
and i know you know what i'm talking about.

but, i really am going to try to love getting dressed tomorrow.
pajamas are not an outfit option for this girl, even if i'm sick,
tired, or simply making a coffee run.
give your closets some credit, girls.
as daunting, and annoying, and indecisive as clothes may seem,
they will treat you right if you treat them right.
and all clothing and every outfit is inspired by something....remember that.


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