Tuesday, October 30, 2012

dear california,

i miss you.
i never would have guessed that
this sentence would come out of my 
mouth so soon into college,
but it's the total truth.

i miss sundays.
i miss picking julia up for church,
and sitting in my car hoping that she heard her
alarm. sometimes she didn't, so all of the getting ready
took place in the car.

i miss driving.
goodness, how i miss being able to leave.
often times it was julia  and i driving around town, 
singing our hearts out,
and typically coming from target, or forever, or even barnes.
sometimes it was just me. i would drive and listen to music
with all of the windows down...mumford & sons, arcade fire,
flo + the machine, mgmt, feist, and bon iver {for the sad drives}
were essentials to these drives.

i miss working at a coffee shop.
how my clothes reeked of espresso and bleach.
i miss my co-worker, "mars-bars," who used to have
the best play lists going.
i love how i still have all of the drinks memorized,
even the usual customer's orders.

i miss my nanny job!
{best job in the world}
i miss the questions, the imagination, the crafts,
the park days, my failed attempts at making lunch,
the jokes, and the peace that comes with being with children.
even when things were loud and crazy, and i lacked enough hands to do it all.

i miss sex and the city, and ellen.
my two favorite shows. 

i miss barnes and noble.
i miss sitting in the cafe area, writing, and reading,
studying, or falling in love.
i miss the fiction and literature section, and my endless
wish list that it comes with.
i miss sitting in the children's section with books that
i am too young for...yes, too young for.

i miss the top of mantelli where you can see all of little
old gilroy. so many memories up there. good & bad.

i miss the feeling of walking down miller with eddie
on warm evenings and crisp mornings.

i miss sunday breakfast at od's.
and late night animal fries at in-n-out.
i miss strawberries, and any fresh fruit for that matter.
i miss dad's mashed potatoes.
and nana's homemade tortillas.
i miss doughnut runs with ethan.
and mama mia's pizza.

i miss surprising jules at yoghart.
and super taq  burritos. 

but most of all i miss the people that come with living in
california. i miss what it felt like to know i was home, even
when home became something i outgrew for a time. 

three more weeks seems like an eternity. but, i've got things to accomplish here.
so for three more years i'll stay put.

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