Wednesday, October 31, 2012

halloween: phantom menace style!

the first time i trick-or-treated and actually remembered it was my freshmen year.
crazy right?
my parents weren't into "halloween" so trick-or-treating was always a no-go.
instead my brother and i would dress up and our parents would take us to a 
church harvest festival, which to me was so cool.
i remember one year my parents bought us costumes that were more on the 
expensive side {all the other years we kind of just got creative}. 
i was a star wars nerd growing up...i had the movies, the action figures, the lightsabers...
nerd alert! but totally proud of it!
anyhoo, i don't recall how exactly the costumes came about, but they did...
they did indeed....and boy are the pictures of ethan and i waaaay too embarrassing!
i love them anyways.
since i don't have the pictures, i looked up the costumes so you can see for yourself.

via: here & here

yep...we were pretty awesome. 

so, happy halloween, everyone!
stay safe.
i know that if i could have halloween my way i'd put on the nightmare before christmas
{because between halloween and christmas it is totally the perfect movie}
and eat some pumpkin pie.
but that's just me!


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