Sunday, October 21, 2012

happy birthday to brandon, brayden, and ella.

this is my all time favorite picture of you guys.
you were still babies, and today you are one year and ready to to take on the world.
i remember this day last year as if it were yesterday.
i woke up bright and early for zero period to dad coming into my room 
saying that you guys decided to come into the world extra early
{i guess you were excited to see everyone!}
i got to meet you three a week or so later.
you were only but a few pounds. i had to be so gentle in that hospital room.
but one by one you made your way home,
and before we knew it, thanksgiving and christmas came along.
i knew that you three were miracles and god's gifts to the family
because you were born so early and yet you've all grown without
any complications.
so as the year went by, we all watched you grow.

brayden, your personality always makes me laugh and you know it. you make your noises and do your little tricks fully aware that you always have an audience. you wear an inquisitive and curious look on your face at all times {which i love}...i know that you will never have problems making many friends. you're our little "mayor."

ella, i remember when your mom still had you in her stomach; you used to move around so already had so much life to give. i don't think i know a little girl that's more beautiful than you. you are so smart and so aware of the world around you that you astound all of us. you have a scream like no other, too, and this makes me know that you will always make your presence known. how could you not? you light up the room simply with that big smile of yours.

brandon, you've always been the biggest and the quietest. i love your laid back nature. you always have such a calm look on your face as if everything is alright. i can't wait to see how big you get. you were the first one that i held. you were only three or four pounds and so very handsome.
now you're grown and look like a toddler in all of your pictures...i can't believe it! i love you, moose.

i can't wait to see you guys, and to give you all of my love.
you three are amazing.
happy birthday.

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