Monday, October 15, 2012

i always love finding new blogs.

they just make me so happy,
and truly inspire me to further my blog 
as well as my writing.
sometimes it gets kind of lonely over here in my tiny corner
of the blogging world. 
it feels as if i write for absolutely no one but myself.
{which is totally fine in some cases!}
however, my page views have been increasing as has the positive feedback
which makes me smile every time that little number goes up!

anyhoo, i can already tell that these next two weeks are going to be insane
with classes and all, so for now i'm just allowing myself some time to relax...'s been a crazy day of school & homework...
and to look at blogs.

i am in L O V E with this blog, oh my goodness...
and i found it here, at this new little blog that i stumbled upon
after reading this blog...
oh, and i found this blog {which i love as well!}
because i am absolutely obsessed with this blog

the rockstar diaries is what introduced me to this blogging world,
and because of it, i continue to write!

happy readings.

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