Friday, October 5, 2012

i have a thing for homes and character, yes i do...

so i came across a website today and i {as i always say}
i really wish that i could crawl into bed for the rest of the day
due to the fact that i'm not feeling so well,
and because i'd rather spend my friday...or any day, for that matter...
looking at lovely things.

anyhoo, the website that i found is called Milk and Honey Home
and let me tell you that i am obsessed with their portfolio.
isn't looking at homes so much fun?
i think so!
i've always planned on what i want my future home to look like,
and as much as i am loving living in the dorms,
i cannot wait until i have a place of my own.

i'm a sucker for all white walls 
with lots of colorful pictures and art,
vintage furniture,
tiny bathrooms,
large kitchens,
and worn out, wooden floors.

i suppose that websites such as this allow me 
to live vicariously through the homes.
one day i'll have my "pinterest home"
as some of my friends say!

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