Thursday, October 18, 2012

i live my life like i'm in a regina spektor song.

i already drive him crazy with taking pictures.
but now i have more of a reason to drive
him crazy.
such a fun app!!!

ten things that i love today:
little miss sunshine...makes me laugh every time.
all of the trees are changing color. so much prettier than california.
the above pictures/app. love love love.
i get to see my mom and dad and ethan in one whole week!
the christmas displays that are starting to appear in stores. hooray!
mom said we'll eat in-n-out the night i fly in. SO HAPPY.
crisp, early mornings.
mittens and scarves and lots of colorful socks.
the girls on my floor make my day...everyday.
this video is sooo funny. i loved getting a good laugh from it.


{aren't the little guys at the end the best?}

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