Tuesday, October 23, 2012

longest. night. ever.

last night i went to bed tired & feeling very sick.
i literally felt like i had the flu alllll day yesterday.
so going to bed was something that i was looking forward to...
until three hours had gone by and i felt nowhere near the point of falling
asleep. worst feeling right? i cried. and i hardly ever cry, but i did.
{sounds as if i'm five, right?}
so my friend katie took me back to bed and sat with me until i started feeling better.
she's amazing.

i finally fell asleep {thank god.}
and now i'm awake...and sooo not ready to face the day.
i don't know about you, but not being able to sleep leaves me
with an anxious feeling all the following day.
cross my fingers that i get some sleep later tonight because
this girl needs all energy and strength she can get to feel better.

p.s. i realized last night just how much i miss my room.
typically when i couldn't sleep, i just laid there and counted
the clouds on my ceiling or made them into figures.
{okay, now i really sound like a five year old}
not being able to sleep in a dorm stinks because you can't
just get up and turn on all of the lights, you can't go to the kitchen to
make some food, you can't go to the living room to watch some television,
and you can't fall asleep knowing that you're in your own bed.
it was kind of sad, let me tell you.

but, i am in an amazing place, with people i love who love me in return.
so it's not quite like home in california, but it's the best home ever here in oregon.
i wouldn't change it for the world.
and besides, mom and dad and ethan arrive friday morning.
it's been nine weeks or so since i last saw them.
so many people said that i wouldn't be able to stay this long but i have,
and that makes me so very happy.

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