Monday, October 1, 2012


i forgot to say happy fall!
how wonderful does it sound saying,

"oh, today's october first!"
sounds lovely to me!
before you know it
we'll all be singing jingle bells...

oh, and one more thing...
since i've been away i've
had little time and little opportunity
to make some sort of current bucket list/
project to work on.
however! that has changed because i have
been working on a little something that
i hope to share in a few weeks.
it's nothing huge, but i've been getting
tons more views lately {i LOVE you, readers}
and so i think i owe you guys a bit more
than just a general lifestyle blog every now and again.

i'm coming into my own here and totally
adjusting which means life will be changing
and with it more opportunities will arise.
so, expect changes in these next two months!
i know i am..

fingers crossed!

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