Saturday, October 13, 2012


lately i've learned...

that, in the end, patience doesn't feel so long.

that online "shopping" or browsing is fatal to
a girl's wallet and heart.

that staying up until two o'clock in the morning
just to finish teen mom reruns is bad when you're
trying to get well again.

that i really need to take some sort of art class next
semester...i need an outlet...and i miss those classes 
i took in high school.

that as much as i hate scary movies, this halloween
weather is making me want to crawl in bed and watch
a horror movie.

that oregon rain is beautiful. yep, i said it.

that i really, truly want to live in new york someday.
i've been saying it for five years now...?

that i miss home. and mom. and dad. and ethan. and 
many other beautiful people.

that i LOVE simplicity. sooo much.

that carrying my laundry up and down from the basement
to the third floor is one of my favorite things because it
makes me feel grown up.

that it's okay to have a muffin...or breakfast.
just not everyday...oops.

that red nail polish makes anything pretty.
christian louboutins anyone?

that i could live in leggings and tights.
i hate jeans. i really do.

that i worry excessively.

the end.

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