Friday, October 19, 2012

some friday letters.

dear thanksgiving,
hurry up!

dear oregon rain,
no one ever said that you would be so cold.
and it's only october!

dear anna karenina...and bridget jones, and ethan frome, and oscar wilde,
college has made me suck as a reader. i'm sorry for all of the neglect.

dear san francisco,
i left my heart with you. thinking of you often!

dear karl the fog,
thank you for being my daily dose of san francisco.

dear 27 dresses,
i really want to watch you this weekend but only because bennie and the jets is my favorite part.

dear math project,
i don't know how on earth to make a budget plan...i don't even know how to send a fax.

dear od's,
i don't know whether i'm going to want the kitchen sink or the rosebud...whichever  the case, i am counting the days.

dear barnes & noble,
i am missing you more than ever.

dear treasure chest in my room,
i can't wait to see what's in did i forget?


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