Sunday, October 28, 2012


my parents just left.
&, not gonna lie, i'm crying in my dorm while it's pouring rain outside.
yup...i have definitely hit a low. just kidding. hah!
it was a wonderful weekend.
super blessed that they got to come out and see me.
ten weeks away from my family is too much if you ask me.
i have more to write about later,
but for now i just need to take some time for myself.
i knew i would be sad when they left today, but i didn't think i'd
feel so homesick.

twenty-four days until i come back, california.
and, trust me, i'm coming home with a bang!

p.s. for all of you amazing girls on my floor who haven't yet gotten a chance to see your families,
i totally think that you are awesome. it's difficult but you guys are troopers, and i love you so. i definitely am not as strong as you.

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