Tuesday, November 6, 2012

bits + pieces on the phone.

  1. rain and sun at one time is so beautiful in oregon. one of my favorite things here.
  2. my cluttered room. too little a space for too many treasures. 
  3. ethan and i. he's so grown up now.
  4. coffee cottage hot apple cider. i looooved it.
  5. fred on halloween. so handsome! 
  6. i spend so many days at the library. it's my favorite.
  7. she came running to me after class. better than i expected it would be.
  8. and then we went skating. so.much.fun. though i have the biggest bruises on my knee from falling. so worth it!
  9. all of us girls after skating. 
  10. voodoo, i love you.
  11. look at those doughnuts! and that pretty pink box.
  12. my two j's. they were having an intense conversation...at least julia was ;)

happy tuesday!

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