Monday, November 26, 2012

california, you've had my heart this entire time!

after living there for eighteen years, 
it took three months for me to realize that i will never be able to settle
anywhere else other than california.
i know, i know...never say never.
but, really, i love my california.
i do.
i miss it already.
and one day i'd love to move back permanently.
sure, i still want to travel,
and often times that might require of me to stay in other places for
periods of time.
i will do so with the knowledge that california is home. and home is where i belong.

i hope that everyone's holiday was wonderful.
mine consisted of LOTS of family time,
getting a tree,
playing with my triplet cousins,
and eating so much yummy food.

p.s. yes! i finally cut my hair and got some bangs.
told you i would come back to cali with a bang! ;)


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