Tuesday, November 27, 2012

i could cry today.

because i feel so overwhelmed.
technically, i shouldn't have an "everything suck today" attitude,
because in reality life is blessed.
but, then again i am human. and humans are prone to sometimes
having bad days.
so today is a bad day.
but i'm only letting these few, current moments feel bad
because wasting a whole day feeling bad or sad or gloomy is just plain silly.

i suppose i just need to shrug off all of the stressful things and tell myself that
i have this week and next to be absolutely bombarded by my education..
and then the rest is history.

so, i'll excuse you history reading assignment/book analysis paper,
and i'll also excuse this flu like bug that won't leave me alone today,
and the literature project due on tuesday,
and my research essay due on monday,
and my article review paper for bible that's due wednesday,
and all of the other homework that still continues to be assigned,
and the finals that are starting to make their way over very, very soon.


nonetheless, i feel beyond blessed to be attending this university.
so the homework and projects and tests just have to stay around for
another three and a half years.
no biggie, right?

let's hope that today starts feeling a lot less like this...and a lot more like this.

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