Thursday, November 15, 2012

ten things that i LOVED today...

one. thanksgiving is in ONE.WHOLE.WEEK. soooo exciting.
two. i fly home in five days!
three. christmas break is in exactly one month...i can hear sleigh bells already;)
four. the kiddos that i nanny sent me a care package in the mail, and my cousin sent me socks! 
        i love me some cute socks {remember, i believe that socks should never match}
five. tomorrow's first class is cancelled...i can "sleep in..."
six. i've been in contact with three dear friends of mine back in cali. i love them so.
seven. i'm actually NOT stressed about this research paper i should be stressed about. it's a    wonderful feeling!
eight. the rockstar diaries blog makes me so happy. 
nine. dinner tonight was actually...great. really. sincerely. yay, bon food!
ten. today was so sunny and beautiful. i loved every minute of it!

can you believe it's almost the holidays????

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