Friday, December 28, 2012

"two-oh-one-two, you know you want to be one too"

{one of our class sayings}

now that the the year is finally coming to a close, i find myself both feeling a great sigh of relief, and also joyously shouting {inside, of course} a great hooray!
the other day i told my mom that this year was by far my worst year ever.
with one look from her, i suddenly knew that by simply calling it the worst year ever,
i was acknowledging the fact that this year was truly the opposite.
i quickly changed my assumption to:
this was the most challenging // difficult // rewarding // prosperous // god ordained

butttttt, you could not pay me to do it all over. no way jose!

anyhoo, i'm going to do a little recap because i used to do this in my personal journals
so that i could look back and see what all had changed.
{click on the yellows to go back and see}

january: this month was a blur. seriously. i only remember bits and pieces, and honestly, they're not the prettiest bits and pieces. but i began to realize so much in this month. i really did. it was during this month that i knew that this was going to be one long year.

february: i toured fox on the seventeenth of this month! little did i know then what this school would have in store for me ;) 
i also lost some of my closest of friends this month. i miss them all dearly, but it taught me that some friends are temporary, but no less important.
oh, and i had my first valentine...a hand drawn rose on my car. i'm looking forward to this coming february :)

march: i faced some pretty grown up decisions here. relationships, college decisions, god was quite the month.

april: i turned eighteen and celebrated by going bowling with some of my best of friends! 
on my actual birthday was easter sunday so we celebrated with my favorite family {the macphails} with an after-church-lunch at el jardines in san juan bautista {love love love}.
and then a week later, my mom hosted a "speak your name" at out house. it was a beautiful brunch with some beautiful, influential ladies who spoke wisdom into my life.

may: was a blur! with finals, graduation practice, prom, magic mountain grad night, graduation/gradnight, graduation parties, and all of the preparations that go along, it is safe to say that may was one of my most memorable months ever, and it went so fast that i get nostalgic just talking about it!!!
p.s. i also started blogging during this month!

june: i worked as a nanny, and also attended genesis where i signed up for my first college classes!
{it's crazy to think that i completed AND passed each of those}

july: fourth of july was spent in santa cruz with my closest of friends. it was an INSANE day. never go to the beach on the fourth unless you are prepared for the traffic, crowds, and hot sun.
i loved it. every minute of it.
and i love those summer nights spent at the board walk.
once we returned home that night we all walked to the levy and watched the fireworks there.
it was a fantastic month, and it marked the end of my full stay at my home...from now on, i will always be headed somewhere else after being home.
oh, and i went HERE for my uncle's birthday. sooo fun.

august: uhm...i moved AWAY...OUT of attend COLLEGE. my goodness was this month a major time in my life forever!
i also met some of the most wonderful people during this time. 
i still can't believe that i did it. that i had the guts to move away. 
i give myself a pat on the back for that one ;)
and, we cannot forget, little fred was born! so so so cute.
andddd, my poor wisdom teeth, they got yanked. ew! 
oh! and i had some fun with them...

september: my first full month at college.
i met a really great guy... :)
i participated in serve day which was an awesome way for me to adjust to the community around me.
and the month pretty much just flew by.

october: i got to FINALLY see my family.
i stayed in for, study.
i went to my first oregon museum
i went to the pumpkin patch!
and i got my first taste of homesickness.

november: JULIA CAME TO VISIT...and...
i came home! i cannot tell you how happy i was so see a giants fan in the airport!
thanksgiving was...interesting. oh, the holidays with my family ;)
oh, and this little thing dream kind of came big deal...i got chosen to go to..uhm..ROMANIA. hello, amazing. i am so thrilled, i am still pinching myself about it.

december: HERE WE ARE. and i've come SO FAR. sooo cheesy, but soooo true.
let's not and say we'd do this year allllll over again ;)

hooray for twenty-thirteen! it is soooo going to be my year!


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